11 Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow In 2016

Lifestyle blogs are big news. Around the world an endless array of bloggers are willing to give us a glimpse into their daily lives and involve us in all their hobbies and interests. They’ve almost taken the place of the traditional lifestyle magazines and are certainly attracting the attention of advertisers who can see just how popular they are. Many of them are updated on a daily basis, providing short, sharp commentary and little snippets of entertainment – just perfect to browse through whenever we have ten minutes spare.

We’re lucky enough to have some brilliant blogging masterminds writing for us at Oak Furniture Land. From super stylish Kimberly’s guide to upping your shelfie game, to Parisian ex-pat Carole’s guide to decorating with sheepskin, to the uber-chic Jen’s tips for bringing concrete into the home – what these ladies don’t know about interior design isn’t worth knowing! But, with a blogosphere full of multi-talented ladies and gents willing to share their tips for a well-rounded lifestyle, it can be difficult to know where to look next. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Read on to check out who we’ll be reading in 2016.

Little Green Shed

After growing up in the wilds of Somerset, Lou spent many years travelling the world before settling down with her family in Bristol.  She started her blog after taking on an allotment in 2010 (hence the name) and has seen it grow into one of the UK’s leading lifestyle and travel blogs. If you love nature, travel, interiors and beautiful photography, then Lou is your lady.

  • Already planning what to do with the kids when the weather warms up? Lou has some advice.
  • Learn how to incorporate this year’s rose quartz colour into your life with these top tips.
  • Instagram feed looking a little tired? Here’s some inspiration to spice it up.

little green shed blogger

Cider with Rosie     

Rosie lives in Surrey with her husband Jason, cocker spaniel Teddy and gorgeous new puppy Elsie. She began writing her blog as a testament to her Grandma who kept a diary for almost 80 years, documenting her ability to find joy in even the simplest things. Taking this positive approach, Rosie’s blog includes photos and stories from her everyday life as well as recipes, creative inspiration and a weekly list of the things that make her happiest.

cider with rosie blogger

Poppy Loves          

Poppy lives in London and writes about everything and anything that makes her smile. A blogger and brand consultant, she is constantly running around the capital reviewing events, cafés, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and generally seeking out all that is great and good in the city. She has also set up an online book club where members come together to talk about all sorts of things, but especially their latest read.

poppy loves blogger

Bumpkin Betty        

This blog is not written by Betty at all, but creative consultant and online writer Jaclyn.  After moving from a tiny rural village in Scotland to the big smoke in 2009, she started keeping a diary about settling into city life.  It quickly blossomed into a lifestyle blog full of tips, hints and musings, with her writing focussing on food, travel, inspiration and fashion.

  • Planning on some winter sun? Then you need Jaclyn’s guide to shopping for a summer holiday in winter.
  • We love this recipe for delicious gluten free pizza (yes, it’s a thing!).
  • Are you a freelance worker, or just like getting a bit more done in the comfort of your own home? Check out these tips for working from home in the winter.

bumpkin better blogger


This guy’s got style! Will started his super stylish blog back in 2009, documenting his love of colourful design, fashion and travel. His ‘make you smile style’ is guaranteed to brighten up your day, as are his DIY guides and weekly reflections on things learned and loved over the weekend.  This English boy is now based in New York, so live vicariously through his gorgeous photography and fascinating guides to city life.

will bright bazaar blogger

Heroine in Heels      

Originally from Warrington, Laura now lives in London where she works for an investment bank in the city. This multi-talented lady started her blog for a bit of fun during her time at university, writing about her adventures here and abroad – and the rest is history!  Tune into Laura’s blog to find a daily sprinkling of the best places to eat, drink and have fun.

heroine in heels blogger

Tigerlilly Quinn     

Fritha lives in Bristol with her husband Tom, toddler Wilf, new baby Mabli and cats Rockie and Maddie. She writes a lifestyle blog about the modern vintage home and how they’ve transformed their run down property with blood, sweat and tears, help from friends and lots of cups of tea. Taking in tales of family life, interior design, fashion, travel and just about anything you can think of, she has already been ranked highly in many parenting, home and interior blogger lists. Get your Pinterest boards ready!

tigerlilly quinn blogger

Mari’s World

Mari, short for Marianne, has been writing her family lifestyle blog for over 5 years. She lives in the South of England and is mum to four children as well as now also being a grandmother. She blogs about her greatest passions in life; food, travel and family, as well as caravan and camping holidays on the coast.

maris world blogger

Belle Du Brighton   

Lauren is a self proclaimed biscuit scoffer and mother of two small children. After reading other blogs and looking for a new hobby she started out writing about fashion, beauty and travel but has focussed more on her experience as a parent since her daughter was born. Lauren says she tends to waffle a bit but that hasn’t stopped her being listed in the top ten baby blogs for 2015. Well done Lauren!

belle du brighton blogger

Zena’s Suitcase 

Zena is a 40 year old Nottingham mum with three children aged 17, 3 and 1. When faced with several life changing events she created her parenting, travel and lifestyle blog as a route to discover what really makes her happy.  Now she writes about embracing the joys of parenting (and coping with the trials and tribulations of it), spending time with her family and coping with everyday challenges.

  • If you’ve got a teen doing their A Levels at home, this lovely letter might be just what they need.
  • Get your wanderlust going with this dreamy post about Iceland.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to for a city break this year, this guide to what to pack for New York in winter is perfect.

zenas suitcase blogger

Side Street Style           

Laura is a South African expat who lives in Wales with her barber husband and two sons. She’s a freelance writer and photographer with a passion for travel, fashion, homes and interiors. They love to eat good food, dress well and experience the great outdoors as much as they can. Their blog is a collection of beautiful images and online inspiration.

laura side street style blogger


Do you often spend your lunch break catching up on the latest lifestyle reads, or your weekends being inspired by blogs? We want to hear about it! If you write a lifestyle blog or have a favourite that inspires you, let us know and we’ll be sure to check it out.