Introducing our new Spot collection

Spot large sideboard 
The popular trend for circles and curves has made a bullseye for our new modern retro collection. Whether you want it’s mid-century style to make a statement in a sophisticated, minimalist scheme or think its playful side will introduce some fun to a room, we hope you’ll be just as dotty about the Spot range as we are. 


Spot living room
Taking its name from the simple circular recessed handles, Spot’s solid hardwood soft-close cupboard doors and drawers are painted in a slate grey and surrounded by a sturdy, flat fronted solid natural oak frame which is set on rounded feet. 

Spot small sideboardThe difference between the two finishes creates a striking contrast. We’ve emphasised the monochromatic qualities even more here by positioning our Spot small sideboard against a bright white wall and dressed it with a mix of black and white accessories, like our ceramic Durban lamp.


Spot dining

If you want the circular motif to ripple throughout your room, introducing curved silhouettes in other ways will help provide cohesion. Look for graphic prints, vases and lamps. As well as including smaller accessories, interiors stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill suggests “echoing shapes with the backs of dining chairs, for example. Integrating touches like these can really help hold the scheme together.” 

The collection’s theme and mid-century style sits perfectly with our Oscar dining furniture which picks up on the curvy cues in Spot’s cabinetry. Made from 100% oak, like all our pieces, the table, chairs and benches are built to last and have a solidity to them while sticking to a modernist feel that will give your room that light and airy feeling so many of us love. 


Spot bedroom

Great in a bedroom where comfort’s key, Spot’s cocooning curves, like those featured here on our two drawer bedside table, bring softness to a space without compromising on its contemporary edge. Often the most private area in your home, this room is a fun place to experiment with styling and decor tricks without being self-conscious about the result. 

Joanna Thornhill suggests taking the circular theme a step further by creating your own ‘curved’ walls, “Paint your wall in an initial base colour, then use a flexible masking tape suitable for creating curved shapes to add a rounded corner or arched shape on your wall, before painting inside that section with a contrasting colour. If you’re feeling brave, you could even take them across multiple walls and even ceilings, too.” Link the theme with a circular mirror, a round rug next to the bed or some curved cushions. 


Spot OfficeThe tendency for tech and needing a practical focus can often make a study or office feel sterile. Use Spot to inject personality into the space; this fresh feeling collection will bring new style and energy to this zone in your home. 

The laptop desk with its smooth generous top, is a great place to base yourself. Pop some shelving above to create a compact workstation or twin it with this tallboy. Perfect for stationary and office essentials this unit saves on floor space with its vertical combination of single and double depth drawers – a design that features across other pieces in the collection too. Each drawer is dovetail jointed with solid hardwood backs, bases and runners to ensure the furniture is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. 

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