How To: Plan A Brand New Kitchen

Renovations of any kind can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, but creating a new kitchen from scratch is particularly so as there are so many key elements to incorporate. Whether you’re using a designer or doing it yourself there are still lots of points you need to remember and many ideas that needs consideration, and it might feel like a never-ending job. But there is help, guidance and advice out there when you need it, and I really hope this post goes some way to assisting you in your project.

Ideas and Inspirations for Planning a New Kitchen

Back to Basics:

Cooke & Lewis Raffelo KitchenThere are so many basic and practical points you need to consider in the design. From how many plug sockets. to where the lighting will be, to positioning the sink, oven and fridge. Remember those last 3 work best when in a triangle and you’ll find working in the kitchen so much easier if they are. Position your task lighting in practical places where you’ll be preparing food.


Linee Kitchen

This is going to be key in your new kitchen plan. Ensure you have enough! There’s nothing like opening up a kitchen/diner and knocking down a wall to find you then don’t have enough storage space. Plan it in and use the height in the room if you can. Make a list of the objects that need kitchen storage and plan out how you will group them and what kind of storage you need. You may need a lot of pantry storage for example, or if you’re a baker, you’ll need plenty of room for bowls, mixers and more.

Style For You:

Colours - Contemporary KitchenThis is where you need to get the look of the kitchen right. Only you will know if you’re more of a country kitchen type rather than a sleek white contemporary style. There are an incredible amount of kitchen styles available at different budgets of course, so do a bit of research, check out the high street and online brands and find one that suits your pocket and your style. Bear in mind this room will take a lot of hammering over the years and needs to stay looking good for as long as possible. Choose the best possible materials you can afford to ensure it lasts a long time.

Finishing Touches:


You’ve got the layout right, chosen the perfect cabinets and now it’s time for the finishing touches. These are the pieces that will really bring your room to life. Think hard about the lighting (it will need installing as part of the initial build so it’s hard to revisit it afterwards), where you want it and what you need. Do you want open plan shelving? Or are you a wall art fan? Would the room lend itself to a statement wall, or will you be happier with a cool, pale wall colour. Don’t forget things like blinds too – they can be a good way to inject some colour, or you might prefer to keep them simple and minimal. Finally, dress with plants. The kitchen is the perfect room for growing them, from orchids to spider plants to succulents.

Planning your new kitchen might seem daunting but there is plenty of help out there, just take your time and consider each step before moving on. Get as much help from designers as you can, or if you prefer to do it yourself, create a Pinterest board to save your ideas and keep you on track in the planning.

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