How to Keep Your Home Looking Great in the Winter Months

The winter is a dull, grey and chilly time and we spend more hours indoors during this period than at any other. Whilst this is necessary and often commonplace for us in the UK it does mean that our homes get used and abused for quite some time. Carpets and floors get worn, sofas get saggy and kitchens are more greasy than normal. So what can we do to make sure we keep our homes looking great in the winter months? Read on for the low down.

#1 Let in some air:

living roomAs it’s cold and frosty outside, we tend to turn up the heating, hunker down and don’t open another window until Spring arrives. Well it does both your home and you good if you open a window once in a while. You’ll help to remove the stale air that builds up, freshen fabric and cooking smells and generally give the place a crisper feeling. It doesn’t have to be for long, 10 minutes each day will do it.

#2 Mix things up:


We tend to sit and lie on the same old sofas, chairs, cushions and beds for hours and hours at a time, much more than we would in the summer months. So it’s a great idea to change up your pieces from time to time. Every few weeks, swap the cushions around, move a chair, spin the mattress. All these little jobs help keep our home accessories looking and feeling at their best, even though they’re getting heavier use than usual.

#3 Brighten up:

ColourJust because the weather outside is dull and grey doesn’t mean it has to be like that inside your four walls. Inject a little colour through some wall art, cushions, rugs or accessories to give your home a brighter feel. It’s a great way to lift your spirits to when you come home from work. Colour and hue can really boost your mind and your mood.

#4 Choose the right lighting:

LightingThis is incredibly important in our homes during the winter months. As it’s so dark a lot of the time, invest some thought into getting your lighting just right. Create task lighting areas for spaces where you read, do puzzles or enjoy crafts. Add table lamps to brighten a corner, strip lighting high or low to enhance the space and give it atmosphere, as well as floor lamps for general light. Highlight architectural or decor areas with light, drawing the eye and attention to this detail, and be generous with the light too. Not enough and you struggle to enjoy the room, feeling just as gloomy as you did when you were outside.

#5 Inject some greenery:

plantsJanuary and February seem like such long months, when the days are short and the darkness never ending. To help lift this feeling, think about introducing some greenery into the home. It doesn’t have to be live plants, artificial ones do the job too if you’re not green-fingered. But plants give the space a much-needed spring like feeling. They remind us of warmer climates, sunnier days and bring a happiness into a room that is otherwise lacking.

I do hope you love these ideas for helping to keep your home looking great in the winter months.

What else would you do to your at this time of year? Do let us know, we’d love to hear from you.