How to Display Collections

There are all sorts of things that people collect – whether it’s vintage pill boxes, blue & white china, glass bottles, postcards or old oil paintings, there is something comforting in always knowing quite what you are looking for. But displaying these collections could mean the difference between looking a little like a factory has exploded in your home and creating a curated grouping that looks elegantly beautiful.

I thought we’d have a look at some stylish collections today to give you some ideas on how you might display your own collection.

One thing that has become perfectly clear as I researched this piece – displaying a collection as a whole in a single space really maximises the impact a collection can make. Rather than spreading your collection over a number of different areas, it’s always more practical to showcase them in a single setting.

oil painting collection

Your collection doesn’t have to be large. In fact, I found the smaller displays create a beautiful focal point even when they incorporate just a few pieces. So it’s never too late to start!

blue and white ginger jar collection

For smaller pieces, using a single shelf – or in this case a mantle – makes smaller items so much more impactful. These tiny foo dogs look stunning against their dark backdrop and work much better en mass than they would if they were spread around the shelves.

foo dog collection




A collection of butterflies creates pattern and draws the eye on a bookcase in our next example. Creatively displaying them with other natural items and books breaks up the collection and highlights the colours and textures of the natural materials seen here.

Butterfly collection

This display of family photos looks purposeful and carefully curated. Using similar frames in a monochrome palette of simple black and white, it becomes a striking focal point in the room without looking messy or overwhelming. Using shelves rather than hanging them means the pictures can be moved around or swapped out so the collection stays fresh and interesting.

family photo collection display

This creative seashell display utilises glass jars to hold the smaller pieces as well as a few larger ones. Grouping the sea shell ‘ships’ onto one shelf creates an interesting vignette with taller sea fans behind creating height. Again, the display looks attractive and draws the eye rather than appearing like everything was just shoved on a single shelf.

shell collection

I hope my post today shows that you can have a wonderful collection, no matter how small or large, and create an exciting look in your home that not only looks stylish but also allows visitors to get to know you a little bit better.

Do you collect anything? And if so, how do you display your collection?