How to Decorate with Books

I admit, I have a bit of a problem. I can’t stop myself buying books. Their rich colourful hardbacks, glossy photographs, the weight of them in my hands, the surprise of the colours or patterns when you remove their protective jackets, the way they tell the tale of certain styles or looks. Oh, no, this is not about action-packed thrillers, memoirs of the famous or mysteries set in Provincial France in paperback – I’m talking about my addiction to coffee table books.

Books on Coffee Table

I have them piled on lots of different surfaces in my home as you’ll see throughout this post – from the small chest of drawers in my living room to my coffee table, on bookshelves (of course) as well as on my bedside tables. There’s barely a surface upon which my ever-growing collection hasn’t shown itself and I’ve found that the more I’ve collected, the more places I’ve found that they can grace.

Books in the Bedroom

Of course, I’m not just talking about the books as aesthetic pieces within your décor although for the sake of this post, there is an element of judging a book by its cover. When I receive my books, I will find a quiet, well-lit area of my home and with a cup of coffee, I will retreat to take in each glorious page, delighting in its contents. Books will never find a place in my home before this ritual takes place. So each has its due. But once read, I find it a fun task to see where it will be displayed in my home.

Books on Coffee Table

Yes, the coffee table book – no matter what your interest may be in terms of the contents – is not just for the coffee table. Of course, it’s a perfect spot for it and they work beautifully when the spines or covers pick up the colours you use in your space. But it’s not just the coffee table that should have the pleasure of these tomes upon its surface.

Books on Console Table

The console table or sideboard can be the perfect place for publications to perch. In an entryway, a stack of coffee table books will allow your visitors to immediately find out a little more about you and your personality. Pop a small bowl on top of a stack of three for throwing your keys and perhaps a welcoming plant or a lamp and you’ll have instantly created a stylish display. In your dining room, a lovely sideboard and a few books can become the basis for any vignette. Check out my post here on styling a sideboard like the pros for more tips.

Books in Kitchen

In my kitchen, the spines of my cookbooks mingle with the colours in the wallpaper. There’s no need to hide your own collection away and some open shelving is the perfect excuse to show off those books, making for a pretty as well as practical display.

Books on Bedside Table

In your bedroom, consider a few books for your night-time reading and arrange them under a vase of blooms or a decorative object. Add your bedside lamp and a small bowl for your everyday jewellery and you’ve just mastered the easiest vignette to create.

Books on Book Shelf

Of course, I also have them on bookshelves in my home as you can see above. But while bookshelves or coffee tables may be the most obvious places to show off your coffee book collection, there’s really no need to limit your books to these areas of the home only. They can look beautiful in various areas and bring a spot of colour as well as personality to any space.

Where do you display your books in your home?