4 Hot and Tropical Wallpapers for Spring Walls

Well it may not feel much like Spring just yet, but sometimes we need to plan and research our decorating projects well in advance, and brands have been releasing their Spring ranges for a little while now. The hot and tropical jungle look seems to be here to stay for a while and this year is bolder and brighter than before. Many of the major high street retailers are selling a selection of tropical and jungle wallpaper and home accessories, and so I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite in case you were looking to use a print like this on your walls this Spring.

1. B&Q


This B&Q print is pretty typical of what you might expect for a jungle print but what strikes me most about this pattern is the colouring. The use of stunning jewelled colours gives it a more accessible edge, making it easier to use and accessorise, particularly with the addition of the blues and purples. Green is going to be huge this year, so embrace this rich, vivid hue and use it in abundance in any room in your home. A print this striking might do best on just one wall, but why not cover all walls of a smaller downstairs loo for powerful impact.

2. LimeLace

Jungle Print Wallpaper By Miki Rose

I chose this example from LimeLace for it’s more muted tones and shades, hoping to convince those of you who were unsure of this trend. Patterns and prints for wallpaper have become bolder and more adventurous in recent years, and whilst it may not be the norm for you yet, with a little encouragement I’m sure you can be persuaded to give this look a go.

3. Tapeten Agentur

Wandbild Andy Palmar

Ok, so this one is not for the faint hearted. It’s gutsy, fierce and shouting ‘look at me’, there really is no escaping this print. The hot, tropical shades evoke distant jungles and rainforests, engulfing your home in a symphony of colour. Definitely one for those that love decorating with gusto. Let your walls say everything and keep the rest of the decor minimal and simple. Alternatively if you love clashing your prints and colours, accessorise in an eclectic fashion, mixing patterns and print.

4. B&Q


Not all tropical wallpaper has to be bright and bold, as this example from B&Q demonstrates. If you love a simpler colour scheme, and want a monochrome design in preference to vibrant hues, then this jungle leaf print is perfect for you. You don’t need to worry too much about how co-ordinate this with your decor either; it’s much easier to find pieces that work with this simpler colourway.

Perhaps you’ve found a different tropical wallpaper that you prefer; do let me know if you have, I’d love to see it. And if you have some jungle wallpaper on your walls already, do tag me on social media and send me a picture.