Home Trends: Holiday At Home

No matter what time of year, there is nothing like going away on holiday and indulging in some time to relax and unwind. Sadly all good things must come to an end but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring that holiday feeling home with you. From tropical getaways to seaside trips, take a look at our top five tips to keep that holiday going at home. Though we’ll have to leave the cocktails up to you..!

1. Plants and Flowers

One of the most immediate ways of adding some summer sunshine to your home is by introducing plants. Whether it’s a big bunch of flowers or a longer lasting leafy foliage you just can’t beat the bright colours of real plants. Plus, plants can have the same kind of feel good factor as an actual holiday – upping the oxygen levels in your home, increasing the air quality and even helping you work better. They don’t have to be big, either – a few succulents on your dining table will work just as well. Store your flowers in a bright vase or your plants in a colourful pot and you’ll be reaping those holiday benefits in no time.


2. Tropical Wallpaper

When it comes to introducing a specific style to your home, nothing works better than wallpaper. If you’re really willing to commit to that year-round holiday feel at home, our guide to hot and tropical wallpapers was made for you! Milton & King has an incredible range of holiday-themed wallpapers, like parrot-covered print or this tigers and zebras paper in pretty blues and pinks.  If you don’t fancy decorating your whole room you could consider a statement wall, or alternatively just buy one sheet and have it framed as a totally unique art piece!


3. Coastal Elements

Whether it’s an overseas resort or a British seaside, one of the best things about going on holiday is being beside the sea. Listening to the waves against the shore as you’re sunbathing, or taking strolls along the surf in the evening – it’s enough to make you never want to come home! But, you can keep momentos of being beside the sea at home all year long. Seashells stacked up inside large mason jars, and then displayed on windowsills or sideboards in your home is a great and inexpensive way to introduce a seaside feel, or display pieces of driftwood on top of your fireplace for some serious Cornish chic. Alternatively, this throw in traditional Sailor Navy will add a slightly more subtle feel when draped across your sofa – whilst you could pick up these ‘SEA’ cushions to quite literally spell it out!


4. The Smells of the Seaside

We all remember the sights and sounds of being away, but nothing makes you feel quite in the holiday spirit like the smells. From the coconut scents of suncream to the fresh and salty smell of the seaside, one whiff and you’re a world away! Be transported back to sunnier shores with this True Grace candle, or pick up this coconut scented room spray for only £4. One spritz and you’ll be back on the beach… Ah, if only!

sea-beach-holiday-vacation (1)

5. Holiday Souvenirs

You’ll probably have picked up loads of momentos from your travels over the years, ranging from plane tickets to photos to the usual souvenirs. Rather than keeping these stored under your bed where you never see them, treasure the holiday memories all year round by displaying them in your home! Pick up some shadow box frames and fill them with paper momentos in the style of photographer Jordan Hebl, or start a new tradition of collecting sand from your travels to display in shabby chic bottles. That way, you’ll always have a little piece of your holiday with you at home.



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