Great Ways to Light Your Home

With the shortest days of the year well and truly upon us, we are switching on the lights more than ever. If you want to create the best atmosphere, and still flood your home with light then you’ll need to invest in some really good lighting. it can be confusing; there are so many options out there on the market, what’s the best to go for? how about some of these ideas to get you started.

Concealed lights:

If you’re building from scratch or drastically remodelling a room, it’s well worth considering some concealed lighting for added drama and atmosphere. Usually hidden behind a false ceiling, wall or panel, LED strip lights can be used to really good effect. Take this bathroom below for example, wouldn’t this give the space a wonderful pop of light?

Source: Photo by Raquel Navalon Alvarez on Unsplash

Stairs are an obvious choice for concealed strip lights and can be a real practical enhancement to the area too. If you’re moving around at night, but don’t want to put on strong, overhead lights, this kind of lighting can be perfect. Definitely one to consider if you’re doing a new build or converting an attic space and putting in new stairs.

Source: Photo by Alessia Cocconi on Unsplash

Stair Lights:

So as with above, there are different ways to light your stairway, and you don’t always have to be renovating to do it. If strip lights aren’t going to work for your home, then some spotlights might. These can be easier to install, and less disruptive, although you’ll need an electrician and then some redecorating too, so it’s good to incorporate it into a room redesign.

Source: Photo by Ranurte on Unsplash


Making a statement with your lighting is a great way to add a wow factor to your room, and much easier than you think. Take this set below, your eye is immediately drawn to the stylish yellow lamp, slightly oversized. And then you notice the simple yet effective overhead shade, mainly because again, it’s oversized. A very cool trick, that’s easy to pull off and won’t cost a fortune either.

Metallics, and copper are still very popular as we know, and so is the ‘anglepoise’ style of lamp. This lamp below, in that style, has real class and would make an incredible statement in any room. Keep the decor around it simple and minimal to allow it to really shine.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting in your home, it can make a huge impression on the space, both in the dark and daylight hours.

Have you played around with lighting at all in your home? We’d love to know.