Get The Look: London Eclectic

Ok, so this is more about fun and inspiration than advising you to go all out crazy in your home! Not that London homes are generally crazy, but a lot of them have a very distinct personality, which is something I’ve come to admire a lot since moving to this country. I love the vibe this city has, and this vibe is often reflected in the homes of its inhabitants. Eclecticism at its best. Or you could say it’s very eccentric, which isn’t a bad thing!

London Eclectic isn’t about copying any particular look, but about taking inspiration in all the small details – in the colours, the decorations and the way everything has been put together in a very personal way. Just like London!

Friendly Place SE13

The most eclectic London homes are as varied as they are interesting. There’s no one look or particular style, from industrial to vintage, “cabinet of curiosities” to super colourful, anything and everything goes. This look is as much about careful selection as it is about mad collections. It can be dark or light, but it’s never boring.

Rory Dobner

One of the secrets to achieving something at least similar to this look is to let conformity go out the window. Does the sofa match the armchair? Who cares! In fact, the less it matches the better. This then is a great look if you’re on a shoestring budget: throw together the things you love the most no matter how little (or sometimes much) they’ve cost.

Abigail Ahern

Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns as well as materials. This could be anything from metals and wood, heavy velvets and delicate lace. The same goes for your walls and floors. Exposed brick works, bright painted walls, concrete or wood floors, work with the features your home has.

Debi Treloar

This is also a look that lends itself really well to all those beautiful, feminine touches as well as pretty colours. Layered colours and (again) patterns even when in the same category (pinks and turquoises here) can have a completely different result depending on the owner’s taste. Boho touches in one, and vintage touches in the other make these two homes look very different (pic above and below) despite the colours being fairly similar.

Florence Welch Bedroom

Pearl Lowe

Eclectic homes also often successfully combine styles like vintage and mid-century. What might seem like a strange combination actually works really well when done with conviction. The tulip table here looks fabulous against the vintage backdrop and the chair below blends in beautifully with the elegant decor. Why? Because the owner had no doubt it would. Confidence is key!

Marianne Cotterill

So that’s probably the real secret to true London eclecticism: embrace each thing and detail you love and put them unapologetic together. Be convinced about yourself and your home and the rest will come. Plus, you’ll end up with a home that’s as unique and brilliant as you. Win win!

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