Get The Look: The 70s Are Back!

If you’ve been there the first time around, then this might have the potential to bring back some memories you’d rather forget! You know, pub-style carpets that clash with the wallpaper pattern, artex ceilings, soft furnishings in brown and orange… You get the idea! This time around though things are different and – dare I say – better. Much better, more fun, more coordinated, more neutral, more personal, in a word, more stylish. It’s a look that can be adapted to your personal taste: loud and colourful, natural and calming, vintage-y and fun, the choice is yours.

Justina Blakeney Dining Room

Using a really fab wallpaper with botanical (no ditzy little flowers though, sorry) pattern in strong colours is a great starting point. Whether you’re brave enough to cover the entire room or just one wall is up to you, but for the real 70s feel I’d say you should go for all the walls. Remember those above mentioned clashing patterns? Well, there is a way of doing this without getting dizzy. Keeping the floor and ceiling neutral means you can get away with using a patterned rug – yes, even in a clashing pattern. The secret is to pick out one colour that is repeated in the wallpaper as well as the rug.


Rattan is a must for any 70s style interior, it was huge back then and is pretty big again now. Rattan looks amazing against either coloured or white backdrops and works really well with any kind of tropical prints. You can choose to have one statement piece or combine several pieces. And it doesn’t have to be its natural colour either. Painted white (or pink or turquoise) means you can completely adapt it to your own colour scheme.

White Rattan

Living Room

Mix and match vintage pieces to make it really personal. In real “70s hippie” style, add some pieces you’ve found on travels and some patterns like tie-dye or shibori dye. Brass, wood and stone all work really well for the natural look and pieces of hand thrown pottery really complement the look. As for lighting, take some inspiration from the cheap and cheerful globe lamps that were around back then and are still popular (and modern) now.

Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are an integral part of this look. Whether it’s a handmade macramé hanging, a piece of fabric or a large tribal scarf, anything along those lines works really well. Replace the usual framed pictures on your wall with one of these for an instant transformation. Match some accessories like crochet blankets and pure linen to pull the look together.


Speaking of accessories: plants are a must for this look. Whether you’re looking to do the 70s glam look with a huge plant in the corner or are opting for something a little more subtle, lots of greens are not only healthy for your home but will also instantly transform any corner or shelf. Hanging planters are a particularly great solution if you’re short of space and definitely have the right kind of vibe for this look.

I hope this look might inspire you to try something new in your home – even if it’s in small doses. Reckon you’ll give it a go? We’d love to see your photos! Tweet us @OFLOakFurniture & we’ll feature our favourites.