Get The Look: Home of Thrones

Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on April 24th, promising a brand new season of lust, treachery and a whole lot of bloodshed. We can’t wait to find out what’s happening with Sansa, Tyrion and Cersei – and what on Earth is going on with Jon Snow?!

Sadly we can’t all go and live in the splendour of King’s Landing, or by the roaring fires of Winterfell, but we can channel a bit of that Game of Thrones vibe in our own homes with these styling tips.

And, since family is everything in Westeros, we’ve organised them by house. Are you a Stark or a Lannister? Maybe a Tyrell, even, or a Baratheon? Decide where your loyalties lie, and get decorating your palace!

Starks of Winterfell

Think Starks, think winter. As guardians of the North, the Stark clan are all about preserving as much warmth as possible up there amongst the snow! To channel your inner Sansa or Arya, think cosy and think comfort. Stick to dark, muted tones such as grey or even black – but it doesn’t have to be bleak! A dark grey sofa (such as SofaStore’s Denver) makes the perfect backdrop for an array of faux fur accessories. You might not be able to have your own Direwolf, but this faux fur throw in Timberwolf print will have you feeling like Jon Snow in no time.


Tyrells of Highgarden

The Tyrells reside in Highgarden, one of the most beautiful castles in the Seven Kingdoms. As the name suggests, Highgarden is full of flowers and greenery, so this is the place to go all out with the floral patterns. Some beautiful floral wallpaper would make a wonderful statement in any room – otherwise you can keep it slightly simpler with a big bunch of flowers in this gorgeously pretty vase. (Have a look at our Spring Wallpapers post for a bit more floral inspiration.) Known for their vanity, the Tyrells would probably display their flowers beside a mirror – so pick yourself up one today and create a dressing table fit for Margaery.


Lannisters of Casterly Rock

The lions of Westeros, the Lannisters are renowned for their power and their wealth – so if you reckon yourself one of the family, this is the perfect opportunity to embrace opulence. Glittering metallics are guaranteed to let everyone know who’s in charge, particularly in the Lannister’s signature colour of gold. This stunning bar cart in marble and metallic gold will add immediate luxury to any home – as long as you’re styling it properly, of course. Otherwise, invest in sumptuous fabrics like velvet or mohair and use them generously around the home. Think velvet curtains, deep sofas and thick rugs in red and gold for some serious Cersei style.


Baratheons of Storm’s End

The Baratheons might not have had such a good time in Game of Thrones so far, but that doesn’t mean they’re not impressive – after all, they are still technically the royal family. With the deer as their sigil, this is the time to invest in one of those fake deer heads or pair of faux antlers you’ve been lusting after! This steel coated one is the perfect way to express your Baratheon strength and ferocity, whilst this simple white one is a slightly subtler take on the trend. With signature colours of black and yellow, this could also be the ideal opportunity to embrace yellow in your home (as long as it’s alongside dark colours, of course).


 Martells of Sunspear

The Martells reside in Dorne, in the far south peninsula of Westeros. A long way away from the cold castles of Winterfell, Dorne is positively exotic – so if sunshine is your thing rather than snow, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring some warm vibes into your home. You can check out our guide to a holiday-inspired interior here, or go all out and redecorate with some tropical themed wallpapers. Whatever you decide, when it comes to Dorne – think bright, think bold, think exotic. And just don’t think about the end of Season 4, whatever you do!


The Targaeryns

Once the mightiest house in Westeros, the Targreyns conquered the kingdoms with the aid of their trusted dragons. It’s now only the young Princess Daenaerys left, who’s established herself over the past few seasons as a serious contender in the game of thrones. If Dany is the Queen for you, then you’ll need to think a bit outside the box. Without a territory of her own, the mother of dragons has embraced Dothraki-chic, with lots of flowing fabrics and beautiful ornate jewels. These white flowing curtains in faux-silk fabric will add an exotic feel to your living room, making it fit for a Queen. But really, no Targareyn home would really be complete without a pet dragon – so you might need to pick up one of these up as well!


Greyjoys of Pyke

Last but not the least, the Greyjoys of Pyke sit on the outskirts of Westeros, establishing themselves as Lords of the Iron Islands. Boats are the main form of transportation around those parts, so it’s no surprise that these guys are a nautical bunch. It’s easy to imagine Theon and his family loving these anchor-printed bed sheets, though hopefully your bedrooms will be a bit cosier than theirs! Alternatively, embrace the cool colours of the aptly named Iron Islands with some dark grey paint – like this dark leaden colour from Farrow & Ball.


So, which family are you backing to take their place on the Iron Throne? Let us know over on Twitter @OFLOakFurniture – and make sure to hashtag #HomeOfThrones!