Drink Station Ideas For Your Summer Party

We all know summer can be a bit temperamental in this country (i.e. it appears when you least expect it!), but let’s just go with the idea that we might in fact have some glorious summer weekends coming up – which are perfect for a garden party! Provided the weather plays along, there really is nothing better than a get-together with friends, music, good food and some drinks under open skies. You could ask everybody to bring along some food or have a barbecue, you could put your teenager in charge of DJ-ing (for the brave) or put a playlist together yourself, or you could just hand out bottles of drinks or have a fab little drink station.

Cart & Shelf

To have such a drink station doesn’t mean you have to set up an entire bar in your garden – it just means putting a little thought and creativity into how you display and serve the drinks. If you’re planning a big party for a special occasion, you might want to have something a little more elaborate, but if it’s an impromptu get-together, then a simple setup is just fine. A whole big cart complete with shelving is of course the Rolls Royce of drinks stations and would fit into pretty much any setting… After all, if we’ve got one in our living rooms, why not outdoors?

Prosecco Station

…but for something a little simpler and fun, how about this little vintage desk that has been transformed into a “Prosecco pimping” station? Ok, so you’ll still need somewhere for the Prosecco itself, but that could be something as simple as a table since this would get all the attention anyway.

Stool & Bucket

As mentioned before, you should of course (if possible) match the station to your party. So, if you’re planning a casual barbecue where everybody turns up in jeans and t-shirts, then why not find an old vintage stool and reclaimed tub, fill it to the brim with ice and keep bottles cooled in it. I quite like the idea that it’s a take on the traditional “drinks in bucket” setup, but carried out with just a little more imagination.

Bright Shelving

If, on the other hand, you’re planning a fabulous party with a more girlie theme, then why not get some cheap wood shelving, paint it in a bright and summery yellow (though of course other fun colours work, too) and match the decor to it. You can find many party accessories like drink straws, napkins, ribbons etc. that will fit right in with the colour and give it a pretty and cohesive look.


In stark contrast, if it’s a party for, ahem, blokes watching football (ok, I know, women like football too, but I’m going with the stereotype for demonstration purposes only!), then obviously the yellow or pink bar wouldn’t really work – generally speaking (though painting the bar in his favourite club’s colours might be another solution). Here the good old wheelbarrow setup is perfectly suited. Yes, it’s a drinks station of sorts, but kept suitably simple and down-to-earth for the occasion.

Bar Cart

If it’s something truly elegant you’re after, then bringing the indoors outdoors is a great way to go. An elegant little bar cart (metal and glass are the most elegant and contrast really well with the natural setting) brought outside would be perfect for those bottles you’ll need to mix up some summer cocktails. Place this close to some comfy seating and your party is good to go.

I hope these ideas are inspiring – and let’s keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine! If you’re hosting an outdoor party this summer, be sure to tag us in your Insta-snaps with #oakfurnitureland.