11 Stylish Alternatives to a Headboard

In any bedroom, a headboard is normally a staple piece of furniture. However, furnishing an entire bedroom can be an expensive endeavour and while it’s clear that things like wardrobes and chests of drawers as well as a bed frame are absolutely necessary elements, it’s possible you can forgo a traditional headboard completely by getting a little creative.

Indeed, for most of the bedrooms shown on my post today, an element of surprise is created by these ingenious headboard alternatives and so even if a headboard was within the budget for your own room, you may find yourself considering trying something a little different from the traditional look and bringing some personality into your bedroom scheme.

Alternative #1: Draped fabric


A few meters of fabric hung from the ceiling and draped over a rod creates an elegant solution in our first example. Adding a row of tassels adds interest and the entire thing can be created inexpensively. Consider a textural pattern for neutrals or a contrasting colour for a simple, wow-factor effect.

Alternative #2: An oversized mirror


Windows have the ability to make even the smallest space look larger as well as brighter and so it’s no surprise they are a favourite of interior designers everywhere to trick the eye into creating depth. Using a mirror as a headboard will visually double the length of your space so make sure it’s large enough to span the entire width of your bed.

Alternative #3: Shelf with hanging cushions


For a cosy twist on traditional or vintage style, I love this creative space which utilises a hanging shelf and a rod with hanging cushions. This would be a comfy spot if you enjoy sitting up in bed to read or watch Netflix on your tablet.

Alternative #4: A woven curtain


This boho-friendly alternative to a headboard is a fun way to bring a little texture into a room. The open weave allows the darker paint colour to come through whilst adding a touch of neutral pattern to a stylish space.

Alternative #5: A wall mural


With so many alternatives now on the market, wall murals are a wonderful way to decorate the wall your bed sits against and creates an artistic flair in a room. Choose a style that works with the elements already in place and to tie a scheme together in a creative way.

Alternative #6: Live edge wood pieces


Organic touches will be a big trend in 2016 and live edge wood will certainly be making waves in the new year! Consider creating an interesting take on a headboard by using a few pieces secured to the wall behind your bed and bring the outdoors in.

Alternative #7: Window frames


Check reclamation yards, estate sales and antique markets for old decorative window frames, perfect for a vintage look and to bring personality and a sense of history into your space.

Alternative #8: A woven wall hanging


I love how much texture this woven wall hanging brings to a plain white wall. Combined with bohemian textures and fabrics and a pop of colour, your room can be globally inspired and a welcome place to start and end your day.

Alternative #9: Pallet Wood


The use of pallet wood in decor has been a trend for some time and it’s a wonderful way to recycle. This pallet wall gives the room texture as well as a cosy cabin feel and it certainly wouldn’t be very expensive to replicate.

Alternative #10: A rug


If you have a beautiful rug that you can’t bear to ruin or if you have pets or small children you fear may ruin it, why not hang it behind the bed for a stunning take on a wall hanging?

Alternative #11: Large-scale art


While a gallery wall is always an option, I would encourage using a single piece of large artwork to really make a bold statement. Pull in the colours of your room in bedding and accessories for a thoroughly stylish look!

Would you ever consider not having a headboard? Which of these options appeals to you the most?