Decorating With Patterned Sofas

When it comes to interior design, patterns are a bit like marmite; you either love decorating with them, or you hate it. After all, it can seem quite difficult to stylishly use pattern in a normal home.

It’s true that pattern can be a very strong element in a room, but it’s nothing to be intimidated by! It’s is the perfect way to inject a bit of personality into a space, and helps to elevate a room design from the mundane to the sublime. The living room is an ideal place to experiment with pattern, whether you’re a champion for patterns, or you’re trying it for the first time.

Here are our favourite patterned sofas, and our top tips on incorporating them into your living room.

A Touch of Nature

decorating with our chartwell patterned sofa

Just because you want a calming, neutral space, doesn’t mean that you should steer clear of patterned fabrics! In fact, we’d argue just the opposite if you want to bring the outside in.

Take our Chartwell sofa, for example. It’s upholstered in a botanical inspired fabric, with a classic and simple shape. In our autumn-inspired rust colourway, it helps to add texture and dimension into neutral room. Pair it with jute or sisal rugs, creamy walls, and hardwood floors for understated elegance.

A natural look like this is the easiest way to elevate a room with pattern, as it spans decor styles and colour schemes.

Simple Elegance

decorating with our westbury striped sofa

Things don’t have to be complicated when it comes to using pattern. Sometimes it’s the simplest shapes that make the biggest impact. Our Westbury sofa has a classic stripe pattern which works in a variety of room designs. Here, we’ve styled it with french washed wood, and bright whites to create a coastal feeling, but it can also have a stately regal impact. In a darker room, with navy accents and deep wood tones, it transforms itself from a breezy piece to an elegant lounger. Its versatility comes from its simplicity!

It’s the Little Things That Matteroak furniture land marseille patterned armchairs

It’s okay if you’re not ready to commit to a full scale patterned sofa. Sometimes, the best way to incorporate it into the room is with smaller accent pieces.

Our Marseille armchairs are designed to be just that, an easy way to add a dash of wow into a room without feeling overwhelming. Look for simple shapes and classic lines, which help to round the piece in any decor scheme.

When choosing an accent chair, you can help it connect to your space with colour. What are the main tones in your living room? With 13 Marseille colours available, you can easily find a chair which incorporates that colour from current living room decor within it, which will help connect it to the room as a whole.

We really believe that life is too short for boring furniture, and patterned sofas like these are a great way to make your home more interesting.