Decorating with green

‘Bring the outdoors in’ is a repeating mantra in interior design and for very good reason. Replicating the colours and textures of nature makes us feel positive, grounded and calm, whether we’re inside or out. We all know that nature’s favourite colour is green, and its continuing popularity and timelessness makes it the perfect hue to welcome into our homes this season.

From sludgy deep greens to the palest hue of new leaves, this versatile shade works in just about any scheme. If you’re considering bringing this colour into your home, here are some tips for using it successfully in every room.

Warm Industrial Living Room

Warm Industrial Green Living Room Moodboard

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Give green an industrial vibe by pairing this shade with accents of blue, grey and brown. In our living room mood board above, we’ve chosen pieces from our Detroit and Brooklyn ranges which include richly stained and natural wood. Our Orbit 3-seater sofa provides a sleek and stylish focal point and ties in well with the metal accents on the furniture, a staple in industrial design.

Don’t be afraid to mix wood finishes in your space. Our Detroit bookcase and matching nest of tables and Brooklyn large sideboard are united with the metal accents. Remember to repeat other details in your colour palette to create even more cohesion, pulling similar shades of green in your rug, art, paint or wallpaper and adding natural and organic touches for a bit of warmth and softness.

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Modern Bohemian Dining Room

Dining Room Moodboard

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Green also makes for the perfect backdrop in a setting that includes the warmth of wood and rattan accents. We love this darker green-blue paint colour as the backdrop for a warm bohemian vibe and the live edge of the Brooklyn dining table with benches creating the focal point for a casual but intimate dining space.

Include accents with an organic, handmade feel like large leafy plants and dinner plates and accessories with natural textures and tones. Our Boston sideboard is the dining set’s perfect accent and will provide plenty of storage as well as an area to display your favourite pieces.

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Fresh Scandinavian Bedroom

Fresh Scandinavian Green Bedroom Moodboard

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If you love the fresh clean look of Spring green and the simple detail of Scandinavian design, you’ll love this combination with the warm natural tones and subtle details of our Copenhagen range. We’ve paired our Copenhagen bed and matching chest of drawers with the casual ease of our white Hove double wardrobe for a clean, crisp look in the bedroom.

This shade of green is a welcoming backdrop against soft blush tones. Add a soft velvet accent chair to create a cosy spot to relax and give the room softness. Pull in a pattern cushion in pink and green to tie the colour scheme together and simple glass and wood accessories too for airy, contemporary bedroom style.

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Eclectic Tropical Home Office

Eclectic Tropical Green Home Office Moodboard

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Green can be incredibly versatile as seen in our final mood board, tying together a tropical look in a home office. Pair a large, eye-catching mural with lush tropical foliage with natural, glazed and painted furniture for a unique take on eclectic design. Here, we’ve combined our cream painted Kemble bookcase with our Parquet large sideboard and our Hercules desk.

Once again, natural foliage is a perfect way to bring in that tropical vibe to the rest of the space and we love how our Novara yellow table lamp works perfectly with the accent colours in the mural. Our Scroll Back beige fabric chair ties well with the painted bookcase, providing the eye with a place to rest.

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