Decorating with Sheepskin

Ugh, it’s cold, rainy, dark and gloomy outside and all I personally want to do is curl up on the sofa, preferably in front of an open fire. Autumn has arrived and with it the desire to keep warm and our homes cosy. When I think of cosy Winter homes, I think of Swiss chalet style, alpine cosiness and crackling wood fires. And I want to get some of that style into my home. Even if my home is nowhere near the Swiss Alps, I’d like at least something a little like a Swiss chalet translated into something suitable for our own lifestyles. So, with that in mind, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alpine homes? Apart from lots of wood. Sheepskins, right?

Hide and Seek

Is there anything that says “cosy Winter home” better than some sheepskins? They add visual warmth and texture to the home which is a great thing if your rooms tend to be a little on the cool side with lots of hard edges. They can provide warmth for your feet or your, ahem, behind as well as be used to simply give your home an overall wintery feel. Sheepskins are a by-product of the food industry, so in that sense ethical because no animal is being killed for their skin or wool. If you are completely against animal products though, then there are some lovely man-made alternatives which look great too.

So, does a sheepskin work in your home and with your style? The short answer is ‘yes’. It can be incorporated into any home, from industrial and masculine to soft, romantic and feminine. It provides softness when laid on rough wooden floors and texture against soft silk or velvet. A sheepskin rug is of course perfect in the bedroom to avoid cold feet first thing in the morning.

If you work from home (or even just spend a bit of time reading blogs every evening) then you will of course already be aware of the importance of a comfy chair. You might then like the idea of making it even more comfortable and less cold for Winter by simply putting a sheepskin on it. Not only does it keep you snuggly, it also makes your office look a little less “office-y” – if you know what I mean.

If you’re looking to go seriously plush, then you could cover your sofa in sheepskins. The look alone says warm and cosy and spending a cold and dark evening on that sofa snuggled up with a loved one: well, does it get any better? Ok, yes, I know, a log fire would make it even better…

Should out and out alpine style not quite be your thing, then how about something a little more ‘boudoir’? These two stools look just fab in this eclectic room whilst still offering the warmth and texture. Plus, your guests will thank you for a comfy place to sit.

I hope you like these tips and are looking forward to some cosy evenings snuggled up at home.