Decorating by Decade

Do you swoon at the sight of a 50s-themed diner? Or are you more of a swingin’ 60s kind of person? Do you fall for traditional interiors or you do you prefer to live a more bohemian lifestyle? Find out which decade inspires your personal tastes and get some great recommendations from our collections.

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Get the 50s look for your home

1950s interior design mood board

1. Seattle Floor Lamp  2. Minimalist Coffee Table 3. Jasmine Accent Chair 4. Original Rustic Nest of Tables

Whether you go for ice cream pastels or bold vibrant hues as your main 50s colour scheme, be sure to include a few accessories with geometric patterns or animal prints and a statement lamp such as the Seattle Floor Lamp or the Tampere Floor Lamp. Opt for minimalist furniture such as this solid oak coffee table and supplement with fun diner-themed accessories.

Get the 60s look for your home

1960s interior design mood board

1. Oakdale Nest of Tables 2. Cooper Love Seat 3. Bella Dressing Table Mirror

Pay homage to the 60s space age look with the Bella Dressing Table Mirror or the Cooper Loveseat in blue or silver. Give a nod to the Op Art movement with the Oakdale Nest of Tables and a print or two by Bridget Riley, or keep it groovy with an Indian or shagpile rug in nature-inspired or acid tones.


Get the 70s look for your home

1970 interior design mood board

1. Clayton Leather Sofa 2. Inaluxe Fabrique Rug – The Rug Seller 3. Havana Wall Clock

The 70s was all about sensuous, eye-catching designs in rich colour schemes. A real leather sofa set against a background of deep green tropical or floral-themed wallpaper is an inspired and authentic look for your 70s living room. You could also consider celebrating the renaissance of Art Deco during this fabulous decade with the colourful Havana Wall Clock or perhaps incorporate some stylish rattan pieces around your home and garden spaces.


Get the 80s look for your home

1980s interior design mood board

1. Kemble Console Table 2. Trento Lamp 3. Lanesborough Sofa 4. Lanesborough Wing Chair

While the modern home is more likely to feature a Console Table rather than a HiFi cabinet and CD racks, there are plenty of interesting 80s interior design influences you can incorporate into your home. If you love the classic living aesthetic, the Lanesborough Fabric Sofa is a great choice and could be accessorised with a subtle lamp such as the Trento Table Lamp. If you’re keen for a more modern aesthetic go for some bold colour blocking and soften with the ubiquitous pot plants of the era.


Get the 90s look for your home

1990s interior design mood board

1. Dano Lamp 2. Tokyo Coffee Table 3. Amelia Accent Chair 4. Wiltshire Chest of Drawers

Choose a lighter wood for your furniture such as this Wiltshire Chest of Drawers or honour the health crazes of the era with zen-inspired pieces such as the Tokyo coffee table. Delicate floral or vibrant graphic wallpapers are authentic choices, with the former a favourite in blue and white.


Get the 00s look for your home

2000s interior design mood board

1. Anzio Lamp 2. Kemble Console Table 3. Original Rustic Wall Mirror 4. Sydney Accent Chair

Opt for elegant furniture in vivid shades such as this Sydney Accent Chair in Teal, accessorised with some boho-chic cushions (handmade or from a site like Etsy). Consider further accentuating your statement wall with a beautiful piece like this Vintage Solid Oak Wall Mirror and offsetting it elsewhere with a street art-inspired print.

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