Dark Dining Room Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dining room lately. I adore the dark blue colour but I’ve had a bit of a niggling thought about changing it. Thing is, while many other people can decorate their home and call it ‘done’, my home is constantly a work in progress! I love tweaking and changing things all the time because to me, it seems fresh and new and different. And a tin of paint is such an inexpensive way to give your home a new look.

Swoon Worthy - dining room in dark blue

This autumn, darker colours are all the rage in interiors. From deep colbolts to moody jades, crimsons and plums and emerald greens, our homes are veering as far from the typical ‘magnolia’ as you can get. Embracing darker colours for your interiors is certainly not for everyone but for those that have done it, it has amazing transformative qualities that’s difficult to replicate using a lighter shade.

So today I thought we can look at some inspiring dining rooms in darker shades. While I still haven’t made up my mind of which direction I will go (and truth be told, I may just end up leaving it a dark blue!), I find it always helps to look at inspiring interiors for ideas. And while I would never paint every room in my home a dark shade like the queen of dark, Abigail Ahern, I think there are certain rooms that just work well with dark colours and the dining room – a cosy place where evening meals are enjoyed – is a great place to dip your toe into coming to the dark side if you’re considering it!

One of the most popular shades for a dark dining room is deep grey. This colour has been trending for a few years now and, in fact, I used it in my own dining room a few years ago. It provides the perfect backdrop for warm metallics and creates a warm cocooning feel for any space.

dark grey walls dining room

For an even richer look, black is a bold choice but I fell in love with Hayden Panettiere’s black dining room with marble gold wallpaper. With the painted ceiling, this is a stunning and dramatic look that’s sure to turn heads.

Hayden Panettiere black dining room

Green shades are a consideration for my own dining room as a way to really bring the outside in. Depending upon the shade you choose, it can look beautiful either combined with brights or neutral tones.

dark green dining room

For a more organic look, consider this truffle colour. It’s a midway point between grey, brown and olive and provides a beautiful backdrop for a warm, inviting feel.

truffle green grey dining room

If you are looking for something a bit bolder, then why not go with a jade blue? This colour is energising, sure to spark lively conversation around the dinner table but still retains a touch of cosiness as well.

dark teal dining room

I’m loving berry shades at the moment and a dark plum would be a beautiful colour for the walls of your dining room. It combines so beautifully with natural wood tones as well as white.

dark plum dining room

If you are feeling quite bold, why not go all the way with magenta? While I know my other half would never agree to painting our dining room in this shade, I must admit, it does look rather glamorous without being too sugary sweet. Combined with shades of blues and lilacs with bold brass lighting, the look is daring and feminine.

magenta dining room

For now, the two contenders are an emerald green or a dark berry colour but after looking at so many beautiful rooms, I could be swayed to do something a little different! Which dark colour would you prefer in your own dining room?