How to Create a Light and Airy Look This Summer

With the weather finally heating up on our fair isle, I think we can all agree that summer is finally here. And while we may shed the heavy layers that carried us through the coldest months, we may be eager to do something similar to our homes. There’s just something refreshing about a simple and stylish interior that leaves room for objects to breathe! Using a light hand in your decorating and ruthlessly editing clutter in your home that may have gathered during the colder months, it’s not difficult to create this fresh and airy summer vibe in your own space.

Now, let’s be honest – I openly admit to being a maximalist and I love what I consider ‘artfully arranged clutter’. But even for myself, while I love creating a bit of a ‘nest’ in winter, once the summer is here, I like to pare back on my décor and keep things a little more simple.

How to Create a Light and Airy Look This Summer

I thought today we can look at a few ways to get an airy look in your home without it having to cost you much money or having to invest in lots of new pieces. Shall we get started?

Let your prettiest items shine

simple tabletop

If your surfaces have become a dumping ground, you’ll start to lose the beauty of the pieces you’ve carefully curated over the years. A simple clear table with a bunch of flowers is such a pretty way to create an unfussy look that’s still inviting without being cold. Let your items breathe by removing anything unnecessary that’s just distracting from your eye and leave your prettiest items on display.

Add in some natural elements

natural elements in a bathroom

Items taken from nature create a relaxed look that works for nearly any style. Consider bringing in natural wood, ceramic, slate, leather or marble objects or even fallen branches, stones or seashells for a neutral and appealing display that doesn’t overpower but actually soothes.

Bring in flowers or plants

light airy living room with plants

Carrying on with the thought of nature being a soothing element in your home, bringing in plants and flowers relaxes us and cleans the air whilst looking great. Whether you layer a few on a surface or use just one large plant, it’s sure to create that summer vibe we all love.

Reclaim your sofa and bed

light airy boho bedroom

If you’ve ever had to wade through 10 different cushions to finally be able to crawl into bed or remove 7 just to sit and watch a film on your sofa, you know what I mean by ‘reclaiming’ the space! It really goes back to that ‘nesting’ vibe we get in winter but removing the excess cushions means less visual clutter and relaxing is just so much easier without having to step on a bunch of cushions that have been chucked on the floor the night before.

Freshen up your colour scheme

cream and black living room

In the image above, Julia decided on a new scheme for her summer living room by removing all of the really colourful items in her space and paring back to a simple monochrome palette with green plants giving that pop of summer colour. It’s such a great way to get an instant new vibe and take it back to the stylish basics.

Consider a white out

white bright bedroom

While personally I would find it difficult to live in an all-white contemporary space, this room really shows how to do white right. Replacing your linens with layered white bedding and adding in a few textural elements, you can create a clean and bright space just by swapping a few items out for fresh white ones. And repainting any dull or dark rooms in fresh brilliant white is a great way to really make the most of those bright sunshiney days.


How will you be bringing a light and airy look to your home this summer? I’d love to hear from you with your ideas!