Create a Quiet Space in your Home

As an avid reader I have always appreciated a cosy corner in which to curl up and read a book. During this time, with so much change and uncertainty, it has never been more important to take some time for yourself to relax or just have a few minutes of peace with a cuppa.

Jasmine armchair 1

A dedicated space in the home can serve as a reminder to slow down and take that time for self-care. Accent and armchairs provide a wonderful opportunity to create a quiet cosy nook to achieve this. The right spot can be an unused corner in your bedroom, living room , home office or even extra space in your hallway.

The most important factor in picking your chair is comfort. I have the Jasmine armchair and it is a dream to snuggle up in. Featuring a plump-free seat cushion (which keeps its shape) and luxurious fibre filled back cushion (which is reversible) adds extra comfort and another texture to the area. If you have the space, a matching footstool would be ideal.

Jasmine Chair 2

Location is important and you will want your chair in a private little nook where you aren’t likely to be interrupted. I have two chairs, one in the corner of my living room and one in my conservatory. The living room is much quieter and I go there when I want to read a book or concentrate or just take some time out. The conservatory is a much more sociable space and I tend to sit in here when I need to take a quick break.

Jasmine Chair 3

A cosy throw blanket is a must and a side table next to your chair is the perfect place to set a drink and light a candle. If you follow my Instagram account (Mrs_Roobottom_Home) you will know how much I love a scented candle to help me relax and unwind. I also have a magazine basket to help keep the space organised and a lamp to light the space well.

Jasmine Chair 4

The versatility of an accent or armchair means that not only can it offer a space for thinking and rejuvenation, but it is also a great way to add a new silhouette or pop of colour to your home. Oak Furnitureland’s chairs are available in a range of colours if you wanted to inject some colour in your home with a statement piece.

Where is your quiet space in your home? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #OakFurnitureland on Instagram.