14 Ways To Cosy Up Your Home For Valentine’s Day

With February 14th fast approaching, we’ve come up with 14 ways to make your home as cosy as can be for Valentine’s. You might be heading out for a glamorous date or just cosying up on the sofa, but either way you’ll want to make sure home is a special place you can both enjoy.

Here’s our guide to making your home as romantic as possible for Valentine’s Day.

1. Dress the bed

Most of the time, the rest of the house is a communal area – but your bedroom should be your private retreat. Make the bed the central focus and mix throws, blankets and sumptuous pillows to make it as inviting as possible. You could invest in a glamorous bed canopy, or follow this youtube tutorial to creating your own personalised pillowcases at home.

earth toned bedroom with curved painted walls

2. Draw the curtains

A good pair of curtains can make a room, so if you’ve been putting this investment off for a while then it’s time to make it a priority. Pick up some light coloured curtains like these to create a lazy Sunday morning ambience, or invest in some heavy-duty blackout curtains to shut out the world so it’s just the two of you.

Photo by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash

3. Channel your inner florist

Flowers really are the language of love. You can’t really go wrong with an enormous bunch of roses, particularly at this time of year but why not try a softer hued variety of pacific blues and sweet avalanche roses. If you feel like mixing it up, tulips are a lovely colourful flower meant to symbolise perfect love and you can’t go wrong with the delicate understated beauty of the orchid.  Check out online florist Seranata or Flowerona for some great Valentine’s inspiration.

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

4. Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient art of organising your home, designed to make your living arrangement feel like a calm and happy place to be in. So, what better time to introduce these principles to your house than Valentine’s Day? One of the key principles of Feng Shui, when it comes to the bedroom, is to make sure you have lots of items in pairs. Only having one of the things that you both use can make a person feel left out, and doesn’t say to an outsider that a loving couple inhabit there.

blue green toned bedroom with oak double bed

5. Side tables for two

On a similar Feng Shui vein, if you haven’t got any side tables now is the time to invest. Not only are they practical all year round, but they’ll make it easier to spend time in bed together – which is never a bad thing! More importantly, they’ll be perfect for breakfast in bed on the morning of February 15th. We’ve got a great range of bedside tables available here.

RUS11_LIFE_198 (1)

6. Sensual scents

There’s a reason the perfume industry is a multimillion pound business – it works! Pleasing smells have been linked to romance for years, with even the ancient Egyptians bathing in essential oils as a crucial preparation for marriage. Vanilla, sandalwood and rose have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs, so invest in this gorgeous Roses Room Spray from Diptyque to make your home a sensory sensation this Valentine’s Day. You  can always pick up a little something for yourself whilst you’re there… We won’t tell!

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

7. Get cuddly

Nothing says ‘snuggle’ quite like a good, thick blanket! Drape a faux fur throw over your sofa or armchair. All those textures and soft fabrics will be too inviting to resist, and you’ll be curled up together in no time! Not sure what to do with all these blankets after Valentine’s Day? Our guide to blanket box storage should help!

8. Literary love

One for the romantics! We’ve all seen the scene in Sex and the City when Big and Carrie read famous love letters to each other, so why not leave that very same book out on your coffee table and revisit those famous words? Or, if you’re more lyrical, we love The Love Book – a collection of classic and contemporary love poems put together by Allie Esiri. With poems for true love, unrequited love, comic love and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to find something in here that’s perfect for you and your sweetheart.

industrial style metal and oak bookcase

9. Bring back the fairy lights!

You’ve probably just put your fairy lights away after Christmas, but it’s time to dig them back out! The soft twinkly ambience of fairy lights will be perfect for your cosy evening together, and they’re suitable for every room in the house. Pile them up inside a mason jar on your dining table for an alternative to candles, string them around your windows in the living room, or loop them around the headboard of your bed for later on in the evening.

Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash

10. Don’t forget the music!

It was William Shakespeare who wrote the immortal words – ‘If music be the food of love, play on!’. On Valentine’s Day, we’re inclined to agree! Nothing will take you back to your first dates better than the music you listened to back then – or, if you’re a new couple, this is the perfect time to get to know each other’s musical choices so you’ll have something to reflect on in future. If you feel like really cranking up the romance, invest in an old-school vintage record player, and spend your evening waltzing in the living room to all the old classics.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

11. Introduce colour

Red is the colour most associated with Valentine’s Day, and you’ll never find a more appropriate time for some red heart shaped pillows scattered across your bed. But if you fancy things a little more understated, why not introduce some cooler, calmer tones into your bedroom?

scandinavian style bedroom furniture

 12. Use candlelight

Nothing says ‘romance’ quite like candles, and you’ll never feel more gorgeous than when you’re in soft, flickering light! Pick up some rose scented tealights from Yankee Candle and place them in little glass jars around your home, or invest in this gorgeous Jo Malone number to really make things special.  Feeling crafty? Why not make your own teacup candles with this great guide from Hey Gorgeous.

Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

13. Remember and reflect

If you’re lucky enough to have found the one you love, there’s no better time to celebrate than Valentine’s Day. If you’ve kept anything from the early days of dating, now’s the time to dig them out of storage and display them in your home. The first t-shirt they leant you to sleep in? Leave it at the foot of your bed. Still got the ticket from the first gig you went to or film you went to see? Stick it to your fridge with a heart-shaped magnet. These little momentos will bring back wonderful memories, and make a great talking point for you to reflect on.

14. Print out photos

You’ve probably got all sorts of photos of the two of you together, so spend an afternoon sorting them out and finally get them framed! You can print your photos easily and cheaply at Photobox, and pick up some simple frames. Place your photos on the mantelpiece, the fridge, and even on the wall with this video guide to a DIY photowall. And, if you’re feeling extra romantic, slip a small photo of the two of you into you partner’s coat pocket the next morning – to keep the romance going long past Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day!