Cleaning Tips From Neat Freaks!

We all have that one friend who’s home, no matter how spontaneously we drop by, and is always the vision of perfection. While we may let the household chores get on top of us from time to time, most neat freaks will agree the motto ‘little and often’ is your best bet to keeping a tidy and clean home.

Today, I’m rounding up a few tips you can try to keep your home clean without a huge amount of effort or giving up your weekends to tackle what’s been leftover from a busy week. It will require a bit of effort to get into these daily habits but over time, your home will look and more importantly stay tidy.



The basket method

Use one medium-sized basket upstairs and one downstairs to do a daily sweep and corral items that have ended up where they are not meant to be. Then do another sweep of putting everything back into its place.

The 5 minute tidy up

Before bed every evening, clear surfaces of any clutter, throw away junk mail and put away any dishes on the drainer. When you wake up, the house will feel much cleaner with everything tidied away.

Open the windows and/or doors

Allowing stale air to linger will make any home feel a bit stagnant. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, open the doors or windows to let the fresh air inside and to rid your home of any leftover cooking odors or pet smells.

Do a clean sweep

Before bed, use a dust mop to collect any stray dust bunnies on bare floors as you make your way to the bedroom. Doing this on a daily basis will keep the floors looking fresh and clean between deep cleans.


white kitchen with black units

Clean your kitchen worktops nightly

A quick run with a damp sponge and a drop of washing up liquid will keep your worktops free of crumbs and spills that may have accumulated over the course of the day.

Don’t allow dirty dishes to linger

There’s nothing worse than seeing those day old plates with chicken korma still stuck to them. Rinse off your plates as you use them and make sure you do the dishes or run the dishwasher every day. You won’t quickly run out of clean dishes or glasses and your kitchen will stay tidier.


white bathroom

Use disinfectant wipes between cleans

Between deep cleans, use disinfectant wipes every day on the basin and toilet to keep things toothpaste and grime free. It will take less than a minute for a gleaming look that’s company-ready at any time.

Wipe your glass shower screen after every shower

Use a small squeegie to remove the excess water from a glass shower screen to keep water spots at bay. Getting into the habit of doing this after every wash will keep the area looking fresh and clean.


clean and bright bedroom

Make your bed

In the bedroom, the bed takes up the most space and as such, tends to be the focal point of the room. If you make the bed every morning (even just pulling up the duvet and fluffing the cushions which takes less than 30 seconds), the room will instantly appear cleaner.

Put your clothing away

Don’t allow that one chair in the bedroom to be piled up with clothing discarded from the week’s activities. Before bed, put clean clothing back in the wardrobe and dirty clothing in the laundry basket. In the morning, fold away your pyjamas.


I hope these quick cleaning tips will help you to have a tidy home! What methods do you employ to keep your home clean? Tweet us at  @OFLOakFurniture!