Best DIY Projects To Do In Winter

You work hard all year and with a well-earned Christmas break stretching ahead of you, you are probably looking forward to finally relaxing. Time with friends and family, catching up on the films and boxsets you’ve neglected, digging into that selection box that’s been teasing you for the last week, getting out with the dog for long brisk walks.

But you’ve realised something. You are actually a little bored. Working so hard all year long and keeping busy with family and friends means you rarely sit still for very long and suddenly your mind turns to some creative projects you might want to tackle.

tools for DIY projects

Source: Taduuda on Unsplash

So, whether it’s getting out in the shed or garage for a bit of tinkering, the joy of creating something with your own two hands or even just escaping the noise of the house for a bit of relaxing DIY, we’ve got 6 different projects you’ll love to keep you busy over the festive period.


For the guy who always loses his tools

leather tool roll DIY project

Source: CaliMade

If you are anything like my other half, he’s great with DIY and can pretty much tackle just about any job I throw at him. But sometimes I think he spends half his time looking for that tool that he just put down and now can’t find.

This simple but effective tool belt is made from a large piece of leather and will keep all your tools right by your side whatever job you’re working on. You can check out the full tutorial over on CaliMade here.


For the guy with the killer record collection

stacking wooden storage cubes DIY project

Source: ManMade

Your vinyl collection is your pride and joy and you’re happy to share your musical knowledge with anyone who’s willing to listen but things have gotten a little out of hand. Without proper storage, you risk those sleeves getting battered or worse – records going missing.

Solve both problems at once by creating these simple DIY stacking wooden storage cubes that will easily house your entire collection. Check out the step-by-step instructions over on ManMade.


For the bibliophile

bookshelf hack diy from the makerista

Source: The Makerista

How long have you yearned for a library in your home? This project is a little more involved but one that creates so much storage space, you’ll be able to house not just your own but the entire family’s book collection in one spot. This clever hack creates the look of custom built-ins without the price tag. Check out the full tutorial from an expert carpenter over on The Makerista.


For the guy in the know

leather and wood magazine shelf DIY

Source: A Beautiful Mess

You’re the one who gets all the answers right on quiz night at the local pub and you’ve been collecting your favourite magazines on your niche interests for years. But if those magazines are piling up on surfaces and you are forgetting to read them month-to-month than here’s a fantastic project that will keep them front and centre.

This clever magazine rack allows you to view the covers of your magazines, combining plywood and leather for a rustic finish. Hang it next to your comfiest chair for the perfect relaxation station. You can see the full tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess.


For the guy who loves camping

large rustic candle DIY

Source: ManMade

Candles are always handy to have around for a bit of additional lighting when you are camping (or even just relaxing – we’re not here to judge!) but if those super fragrant floral numbers you are finding in stores are just killing your camping vibe, we’ve got another solution.

This affordable solution utilises a refillable container that can be used again and again and you can add your own fragrance like cedar, pine or even citronella to ward off those pesky mozzies! Check out how easy it is over on ManMade.


For the guy who wants to keep fit

standing desk DIY

Source: A Beautiful Mess

You know that standing is much better than sitting so creating a desk space where you can be productive and keep fit at the same time is a great idea. This clever desk wraps around a room which means it’s a practical space-saver too. Check out the full tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess.


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