Accessorising with Yellow

Yellow is often not the first colour we think of when buying items for our home. Unless we are naturally very colourful with a home that would make a rainbow look pale, we tend to go for “safe” colours. Blues, greens, maybe some pink. But yellow? It’s a relatively rare one, wouldn’t you say? Which is a shame because nothing says Spring and sunshine more than this one colour. Just think of all the daffodils, right? I’m obviously not saying that you should run out, buy a huge pot of emulsion and paint your room to resemble a giant banana, but adding great yellow accessories to a neutral room will transform it from “winter drab” to “spring fab”. If, like me, you don’t consider yourself much of a colourful person (and certainly not yellow!), think again! There are some really great ways to incorporate this colour into your home.


First of all, choose ‘your’ yellow. There are so many hues and shades around that you will need to carefully choose which one suits your home and your personality best. One person might like the wow factor of acidic lemon yellow, whilst the next one will prefer a more muted mustard yellow. It all depends on personal taste and nobody can tell you which one is the right colour for you. Get some paint samples and experiment on a sunny Sunday.

Yellow & Wood

If you’re of a very sunny disposition, then why not mix various yellow elements together? Basically, the same “rules” apply here as they would in an all white room: play with textures, different shades and materials to give the look more interest. Add some natural materials for an organic and natural feel and don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories.


If your kitchen looks a bit same-same and drab, then why not give your old cabinets a facelift? Throw open the doors and windows on a sunny day and you will be able to complete this DIY project in a weekend. There are paints and primers available for pretty much all surfaces and you’ll save tons of money by not replacing your units.

Farrow & Ball Radiator

If transforming your entire kitchen seems a little scary, why not start with a smaller piece? Radiators are so often neglected and forgotten and if they’re even half decent looking, then you could make a real feature of it. Yellow contrasts really beautifully with dark greys and blues and just one piece will give the whole room a pop of colour.

Door Frame

I also love this idea of just painting a small strip of yellow on the inside of a doorway. Again, it’s the contrast with the white walls that really makes it interesting and this one is truly a quick transformation. And if you end up (contrary to what you thought) hating it after all, you can simply paint it over in no time.


Ok, so you’re still not really convinced and worried about taking a paintbrush to your walls, kitchen cabinets or radiators? Well, how about something even less permanent? Beautiful accessories made from natural materials. Throws, cushions, a rug, some pottery and of course flowers. All these will lift your room and you can put them away the moment you’re not sure or Winter arrives.

I hope you like these ideas and I might even have convinced you to add some yellow to your home.