9 Things All Gorgeous Dining Rooms Should Have

Whether you enjoy evening meals in this space every night, it’s only used for dinner parties or special occasions or if it’s simply the spot the kids do their homework, your dining room should be a place you enjoy spending time in. If you’re considering whipping this spot into shape in your home, then my tips today will ensure you’ve got everything you need for a bit of wow-factor.


Of course, I’m assuming you’ve already found your perfect dining room table and chairs (try out our mix-and-match selection here) so let’s consider this the additional touches that create extraordinary spaces, no matter what style you love.

A sideboard, console table or dresser

white sideboard in dining room

There’s always a need for extra storage and utilising an additional piece in your room is a must-have for hiding away all the additional items that dining rooms tend to need. If your space is small, then a simple console table will add a bit of handy surface space for additional platters of food during meal times or simply to display pretty items every day. If you have a bit more room, a sideboard is an easy storage solution (See my tips for styling your sideboard here). Of course, if you have a much larger space, then a dresser can be just the thing to add a bit of rustic charm with the ability to show off your favourite pieces too.


candles in the dining room

Every room needs a bit of ambiance but the dining room even more so. No one likes to feel like they are eating under interrogation and big bright lights are best turned low on a dimmer. However, candlelight is universally flattering and adds just the right touch of soft lighting to your table. Consider candleabras for other surfaces but consider using a few low-lying votives on the table to ensure you can see who’s seated across from you.

Table Linens

table linens

Food always looks more beautiful atop a gorgeous linen tablecloth and you’ll add a stunning touch to your tabletop if you use placemats and linen napkins. Even if you don’t use these items every day (remember, that’s what the additional storage is for!), taking them out when the occasion calls for it makes a meal even more special.

Plants or Flowers

plants and flowers in the dining room

Rooms without something living tend to appear a little lifeless so be sure to bring in either beautiful house plants to add a touch of nature or at the very least, a lovely vase of flowers to add a touch of colour and organic form. If you are afraid you have a black thumb, then consider bringing in fauxs as there are some wonderful imitations on the market these days although like anything, it’s worth paying a little more for these for the most realistic look.

Gorgeous glasses

glassware and bar area

No self-respecting home-owner over the age of 25 should lack some pretty stemware in their collection. Much of my own glass collection is vintage and can be quite inexpensive from local auction houses, online auction sites and charity shops. The best part? They look beautiful on a table or displayed within a dresser so you can always enjoy them.

A bar area

bar area

It seems every dining room worth it’s salt has a bar area in it these days (check out my tips for bar cart styling here) but you don’t actually need a separate piece of furniture for this. All it really takes is a lovely tray, your favourite bottles of booze and a few pretty glasses to create an effective display.

Statement Lighting


You don’t need a French chandelier dripping with crystals (unless of course you want to!) but choosing some statement lighting for over your table will always finish off a stylish space. Consider going slightly oversized here to really create some wow-factor and be sure that you set it off with a lovely ceiling rose for maximum impact.



What better way to show off your personality than through artwork? Choosing something you love is the most important thing of course but even better when it pulls together a colour scheme in your room or contrasts with your chosen style. Consider purposeful purchases in the dining room that long to be looked at to give your guests something to appreciate when they come around. (Check out our tips on choosing art here.)

A Mirror

dining room with mirror

And finally, the humble mirror is always a brilliant addition to a dining room. Consider hanging one above a sideboard or console table to double the depth of your space and bounce that candlelight around the room. Whether you choose something that’s more ornate to add a touch of elegance or something with simple strong lines for a more contemporary look, there’s a style for every space. (Check out our mirrors here and my tips for creative ways to use mirrors here)

How many of these items does your dining room have? Anything you feel should be in every dining room? I’d love to hear from you!