8 Rainy Day Activities You’ll Want To Try This Summer

Spring is here, and summer’s on the way… Right? That’s what we’re told at least, but it doesn’t always feel that way. We’ve packed away our winter wardrobes, stocked up on flip flops and we’re full of big plans for the summer time – but when the rain just keeps on coming, what do we do before then?

We’re bound to have more than a few rainy days this summer, so you can either cheer yourself up by channelling a bit of holiday décor at home, or hang on to this guide for whenever the rain rolls around.


Indoor picnic

Is there anything better than a summertime picnic? Stocking up on French baguettes and olives in the morning, digging out the blankets from storage and picking your favourite spot by the trees. The perfect way to spend a sunny day – until all of a sudden you see dark clouds looming on the horizon, and it’s a mad rush to pack everything up before the rain descends!

Avoid the chaos of rained-on sandwiches by bringing your picnic indoors. Draw the curtains to hide the rain outside, spread large picnic blankets across the floor and break out the paper plates! If you’ve got little ones, get them to draw butterflies, plants and a great big sun, and stick them to the wall with paint-friendly tack. If not, use this as a fabulous excuse to enjoy a cheeky bottle of your favourite picnic tipple – right from the comfort of your living room floor.

Bake up a storm

Rainy days in the summer can leave us feeling sluggish, lazy and downright bored. It’s easy to get dispirited by the endless grey – especially when you had big plans for the sunny days. But don’t let the rain get you down; being creative is one of the best ways to boost your mood, and will make you feel like you haven’t totally wasted the day! So, channel your inner Mary Berry and get creative in the kitchen.

It’s not really the season for a dense fruit cake or warm chocolatey brownies, but don’t let that stop you. Take advantage of the abundance of fruit available with a Summer Fruit drizzle cake, or get yourself ready for a cream tea in the sunshine (the most British summertime tradition!) by whipping up some scones.


Treasure hunt

You might need a bit of planning for this one, so it’s perfect if you know the weather’s going to be rubbish over the next few days. You’ll only need ten minutes to type up some clues to print and leave around the house, leading your little ones from one destination to the next. You could even soak the paper in tea – just like you used to do at school, right? – for that real old-timey pirate feel!

The prize can be whatever you like – it doesn’t have to be big! It could be a cupcake each, or a brand new toy. Not sure what to write for the clues? This guide from about parenting has some great ideas for everyday items around the home.

Jump in puddles!

This is perfect for little ones! Don’t fight the bad weather, embrace it. After all, it’s about time we got used to it in the UK! Wait for a day when it’s really hammering it down (you shouldn’t have to wait too long), and bundle everyone up in raincoats and wellies. If you’re lucky enough to live near a park or a wooded area it shouldn’t be a problem to get the gang muddy in no time, or – if you’re in a town – make it a competition to see who can jump in the most puddles. Bonus points for the deepest one!

Once you’ve got the little ones thoroughly soaked and giggling, head home for a warm bath and a big mug of hot chocolate. The perfect way to prove that rainy days don’t have to mean being boredom!

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Room tidying competition

Okay, okay, you don’t think the kids will go for this one – but hear us out. Tidying up the house seems like a really obvious thing to do when it’s raining, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Turn it into a competition to see who can tidy their room up the quickest, and you’ll be surprised by how quickly bored little ones will jump at the chance! Especially if you promise a trip to the cinema or something afterwards.

Need any help with rainy day decluttering? We’ve put together a guide to spring cleaning, which should give you all the help you’ll need. But if you have any better advice, let us know over on twitter!

Get crafty

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got Pinterest boards full of wonderful DIY ideas. But do you ever actually do them – or have you just been saving them for a rainy day? A drizzly summer day is the perfect time to actually get them done! And, like baking in the kitchen, it’s a great way to boost your mood and feel productive.

You’re bound to have some flourishing plants in your home now that it’s summertime, so why not give our guide to 10 DIY pretty plant pots a go? Or, look forward to snuggling up on the sofa in colder months with these 8 DIY cushion covers. For more DIY ideas, check out our rainy day Pinterest board.


Photo albums or scrapbooks

Use the grey days to take a trip down memory lane. Photo albums or scrapbooking materials can be picked up relatively inexpensively from places like Hobbycraft or Wilkinsons, and you can use websites like Photobox or Snapfish to print out your favourite Facebook photos with ease.

Putting together a photo album can be pretty consuming – hence why it’s the perfect rainy day activity! – but it’s really rewarding to see all your photos physically printed out and in order. It’s something you’ll then have to treasure for years, and it’s so much nicer than scrolling through Facebook to find the photo you’re after. Display your finished albums around the home so you can grab them whenever you’re feeling down – maybe in one of our solid hardwood display cabinets?

Build a den

Not just for little ones, building a fort is something that never gets old! You might not have done it in years, but you’ll be transported back to your childhood in no time. Use a bit of imagination and rearrange the room if necessary, using a large table or sofa as your starting point. You can use your sofa cushions or your smaller furniture to create walls – then, once the structure is built, use large blankets or bed sheets to create a roof. Use heavy books to pin the roof down, and then drag your duvets down from the bedrooms to create a seriously snuggly interior!

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could string fairy lights up inside to create a lovely cosy interior. Stock up on your favourite snacks, open up Netflix to watch your favourite TV show, and don’t let the outside rain prevent you from having one of the best days you’ll have all summer!


How are you planning to spend your rainy days this summer? Will you be baking up a storm, or building the best blanket fort around? Let us know! Tweet us at @OFLOakFurniture, or let us know over on Facebook!