7 Things Every Stylish Living Room Needs

It’s easy to see why a bit more care and attention goes into our living room designs more than probably any other room in our home. It’s the one room that most guests tend to see first and it’s a place dedicated to relaxation and entertainment. As such, we tend to spend quite a lot of time in there. Once you have found your perfect sofa and coffee table, perhaps a stylish spot for your TV and a set of bookshelves, can you consider it done? While the major players are all there, it’s important to have a look at some of the most stylish living rooms to understand how the added extras really play a role in presenting the space at it’s best.

traditional living room

Today, I wanted to share a few of those embellishments that add a touch of style to your surroundings. Are they necessary to be able to call it a ‘living room’? Well, no, but where’s the fun in that? If you are ready to take your living room to the next level in the style stakes, then read on for the things you’ll notice every stylish living room needs…

A faux fur throw or hide

sofa with faux fur throw

Any stylist or interior designer worth their salt knows that adding additional texture to any space is an absolute must when it comes to creating a beautiful room. Layering a faux fur throw or hide brings in a bit of softness to play against the harder edges of furniture, walls and flooring. Consider casually throwing a fur throw over the back of a sofa or chair to create a welcoming accent or store them in an open basket next to the sofa making it easy to grab during your favourite film.

A tray

coffee table with tray

Trays are probably one of the most useful extras you can have in your home and they make the perfect spot to corral smaller objects and accessories. Use one on your coffee table to hold books, candles or pieces from your travels or for smaller items to make them look more purposeful rather than something that just hasn’t yet been put away! Play with varying heights and sizes in the objects in your tray as well to create a little display that’s both creative and interesting to look at.


coffee table with candles

Speaking of candles, with the days now shortening, candles are an essential to getting the mood just right as the sun goes down. I always dot a few around the space to add a little colour, scent and ambiance – perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. There are so many different styles of candles and candle holders so don’t be afraid to mix and match a little with various types on your surfaces – from tealights to candelabras to pretty votives that look delightful whether they are lit or not.

Statement Art

art in the living room

Every well designed room needs a little wall love and using a few large pieces of statement art will bring personality into your living room. Consider drawing on any accent colours in the room to choose to tie a colour scheme together but always choose what you love first of all. If the budget is tight, consider hanging a large inexpensive cotton throw on your walls for a more bohemian vibe or trying your hand at creating your own abstracts.

Great lighting

contemporary living room with overhead arc light

No one wants to feel like they are under interrogation with a big blazing light going on overhead – it’s just difficult to relax! So for the living room, be sure to put your main light on a dimmer and use various smaller table lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps to provide little pools of light around the space. If you have a reading chair, a floor lamp set beside it will create a cosy nook or consider adding some library lights over a bookshelf for an elegant touch.


coffee table books

Of course, no coffee table is really complete without a few glossy tomes sharing your favourite passions. A few beautiful books will showcase your style as well as those things you take an interest in, from artists to botanicals, nature, fashion or – in the case of my own coffee table – interior design. There are coffee table books on every subject imaginable and they are perfect for giving your guests something to flick through while you prepare a brew (or a G&T) and they add a hit of colour and life to your design as well. Win-win.


living room with lots of plants

You’d be hard pressed to find any interior design in a book, magazine or on your favourite websites where some kind of plant life doesn’t appear these days. House plants are a huge trend in design right now and that trend doesn’t look like it’s abating any time soon. The beauty of a few plants and flowers will bring an organic touch to your space, purify the air and create a beautiful botanical backdrop to whatever style you love. You can pile up a few in front of a sunny window, place them on your coffee table or hang them from your ceilings. Just don’t forget to water them!


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