7 Steps To A Beautifully Styled Bedroom

Our bedroom is the sanctuary of our homes. Blissfully private, it’s where we both start and end our days – the first thing we see as we open our eyes on a new day and the last thing we see as the day completes. If your bedroom isn’t quite the picturesque vision of what we see in magazines or in Pinterest, there’s no need to start from scratch in making it beautiful. Stylists have long known the secrets of a perfectly styled bedroom and just how to make any bedroom look warm and inviting.

Today, I’m going to share a few styling tips with you to allow you to create that beautifully styled bedroom you may only dream of, no matter what your particular style. Each part of the room requires a bit of attention but after following these steps, your room will look chic, pulled together and you may just want to get an early night to enjoy it a little longer!

The Bed

styled bed with throw cushion

Obviously the bed is the first thing that we see when  you enter the bedroom. It takes up the most real estate in the space and so it deserves a bit more attention. The general rule of thumb here is a duvet, 2 housewife pillowcases, 2 standard pillowcases and a decorative throw cushion. You might also want to include a throw to give it an additional layer of texture or colour or an additional 2 decorative cushions if you like. Ensure your colours and patterns marry well with one another and keep things within a tight colour palette for the most inviting mix.

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The Bedside Tables

bedside table styling

Generally speaking, for the most pulled together look, you want to ensure that your bedside tables either match or compliment each other well. Symmetry lends itself well to this area so it’s easiest to choose matching bedside tables and matching lamps to create a sense of symmetry which is easy for the eye to understand and will immediately feel more relaxing – perfect for the bedroom. With your lamps in place, consider creating a small vignette on each side with things like a small stack of books, a little bowl or tray for catching your jewellery and some plant life or flowers to bring a bit of organic texture into the space.

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The Chest of Drawers

Styling a chest of drawers

Here, you’ll want to include a few things. A large mirror for getting yourself ready in the morning, a tray to gather perfumes and lotions to display and perhaps somewhere for your jewellery to be displayed. Consider as well a lamp to give the area some visual height and cast a warm glow around the room in the evenings.

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The Curtains

curtains in the bedroom

Your curtains should not only be lined to keep out any light waking you up too early on summer mornings, they should also be hung high (about 2″ from your ceiling) and wide (so that when you pull back the curtain, all or most of the window is visible). Ensure your curtains don’t stop at your window sill – it makes your walls appear shorter. Curtains should go all the way to the floor, either stopping right at the floor with no break or with a simple 1″ break, no more – unless you live in a huge stately home, “pooling” your curtains so that they drag on the floor will only gather dust and make the bottoms of your curtains dirty quicker!

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The Wardrobe

tidy wardrobe

There’s something unsettling about a wardrobe that is packed to the gills with no way to actually see what’s going on in there, let alone allowing us to get ready with efficient ease first thing in the morning. Most of us only wear about 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time so consider packing away out-of-season clothing (you can either store these in clear boxes under the bed or within a divan style bed) and ruthlessly edit your wardrobe to only your favourites and things you wear all the time. Getting a set of matching hangers will make everything look much more tidy. I’d wholly recommend the non-slip flock velvet ones as they are inexpensive, nothing slips off them and they are rather thin, allowing you to hang virtually anything on them without taking up excessive room.

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The Walls

Adding mirrors to the bedroom

Now that the furniture is all in place and your curtains are framing your windows to perfection, it’s time to tackle the walls. As the bed is your statement piece in the room, consider hanging something above the bed that draws attention like a large piece of artwork or a mirror. Choose artwork for the walls that speaks to you first and works within your chosen colour palette and style second. Ensure your artwork isn’t too small to command the wall space it occupies. If it is small, gather together small and medium scale pieces that compliment each other that can be hung gallery-style.

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The Little Extras

bench at foot of bed

And finally, no room is complete without a few little extras for style and comfort. Consider including a soft upholstered arm chair in the space or a bench at the bottom of your bed to make putting on your shoes each morning a little more enjoyable! A soft rug underfoot that compliments your design will create some texture as well and the addition of some plant life or flowers will always look chic in any space.

I hope you enjoyed my tips today on getting a perfectly styled bedroom! How do you style your bedroom? I’d love to hear from you – tweet us at @OFLOakFurniture or tag us in your bedroom pics on Instagram with @oak_furniture_land.