6 Things Everyone Needs On Their Coffee Table

Ok, so coffee tables are for… Er, coffee. And remote controls. And maybe some snacks. Right? But hang on, shouldn’t they also look good?

A coffee table is the perfect excuse to display some more of our favourite items in a way that can make the whole living room look this little bit nicer and homely. It is the perfect place to have items that we like to see when we relax, ranging from seasonal decorations (think Christmas time) to a simple bouquet of flowers.

If you’re looking to give your coffee table a bit of an upmarket look, rather than just using it as an utilitarian place for keeping your mug and remote control, then here are some of the items you should have on it – transforming the humble coffee table into a stylish statement piece.


Every coffee table should have some books. And no, I don’t mean those well-thumbed paperbacks, but some large, hard-back coffee table books. Depending on your personal interests, these books could be about black and white photography or cars, interiors or fashion, flowers or architecture. The subjects are wide ranging enough to have something for everybody. Books are great as accessories in themselves, but also work really well as a backdrop/platform for other, smaller decorative accessories.

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Especially in winter. There’s nothing that says “homely” more than some lit candles on your coffee table on a cold and dark evening. Even when not lit, they give off that lived-in feel (though you will need to light them at least once as brand new candles just say “show home”) that takes a coffee table from being just that to a place where people can gather around for a cosy glass of wine.

Flowers or plants.

Just like any room needs some green to bring it to life, a coffee table also needs a little nature. Any surface that has items displayed tends to look just a bit dead without them. I’m not saying you should run to your florist on a weekly basis to buy an extravagant bouquet, but checking out flower markets for bargains is always a good idea. If you’re not a fan of flowers that will die within a week, then think of some nice (and not too big) plant that would suit your style and table.


When accessorising any surface it’s important to have some items that won’t take up too much visual space whilst making a visual impact. Clear glass accessories are perfect for that because they are see through which means that even larger items don’t appear too bulky. Glass also tends to give the whole look a refined and slightly elegant touch. If your table is on the small side, then think about glass candle holders or a glass vase for your flowers.


Yes, those bits and bobs you own for no other reason than the fact that you liked them. They don’t serve any particular purpose other than being pleasant to look at. These are the things that will give your coffee table personality – along with your books – and truly make it yours as no two people tend to combine the same trinkets in the same way.


Trays are a great addition not only to carry your coffee to your table, but to group small items together. It’s a visual trick: grouping lots of small items on a tray will make your table look tidier and give the impression of a well thought out collection rather than a random amassment of items all lying around the table. Just one tray with items layered on top of each other is enough for any coffee table.

I hope you like my tips and you’ll have some fun (re)decorating your coffee table.

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