6 Rooms That Prove Plants Are the Best Accessories

When it comes to making a room feel complete, there are fewer better options than house plants. You can throw as many cushions, throws, candles or objects at a space but until you add a bit of life – well, it’s going to look a bit flat. Any space you decorate will instantly be elevated by choosing a few lively plants to add to a shelf, hang from a window or fill up an empty corner. Of course, nothing beats the real thing but if you fear you have a black thumb, consider realistic fauxs that are currently taking the market by storm. Simply dust them to keep them looking their best but otherwise, you can simply admire them.

Today I wanted to share 6 examples of rooms that prove my theory. Take away those plants and while the rooms are still perfectly lovely, they are elevated instantly with lots of gorgeous greenery.

The Living Room

Emily Henderson living room

This could possibly be my favourite Emily Henderson interior design yet (and that’s saying something – I’m a big fan) because every piece chosen for Bri Emery’s living room design is beautiful. However, it was the large window filled with a stunning array of plants that took my breath away. A lesson in how to mix your plants – create height with large leafy versions and then fill in with smaller specimens, contrasting leaf types and pots as you go.

The Dining Room

dining room with plants

Simple design and a wash of pale wood tones and white walls make this dining room a relaxed haven for taking your meals but it’s only the addition of plant life that creates an indoor garden effect. Choose a delicate tree braced within a basket as the main attraction and then compliment it with low level shelving filled with greenery for true zen-like vibes.

The Kitchen


Of course I had to use Justina Blakeney’s kitchen for the best example of how to use plants in your kitchen. Whilst those stunning jade tiles give this simple design wow factor, for the best of boho design, you really need to pepper your landscape with plants. Open shelving is the perfect spot for your everyday dishes and glasses but be sure to leave some room for a few cascading plants to clean the air and add an organic touch to contrast with any harder surfaces of the space.

The Home Office

Old Brand New home office with plants

This mid-century style floating work station from Old Brand New is certainly a beautiful workhorse. However, the entire effect of wood, metal and plastic is softened with the inclusion of all those fantastic house plants. Apparently, studies have revealed that workers have higher levels of concentration and satisfaction when plants are introduced to an office area so there’s all the more reason to get to your local garden centre and stock up.

The Bedroom

bedroom with plants

Your bedroom is your haven, a place to escape to for rest and relaxation, away from the hive of activity in the rest of your home. In a world where we are surrounded by technology, greenery reminds us of nature, brings us back into balance and grounds us so acts as the perfect accessory to our most private spaces. Including plants in your bedroom will add life to even the simplest of designs and create organic texture and colour to a minimalist setting.

The Bathroom

bathroom with plants

And finally, even if your home is a character-filled older property, plants can create a wonderful spa-like feel in the smallest room in the house. Plants naturally thrive in higher humidity and so the bathroom is the perfect setting for plant life. Hang them from the ceiling, along shelving or dot along your windowsill for maximum impact and a statement look.

Have you accessorised with lots of plants in your own home? We want to see your pictures! Tag us on Twitter or Instagram to send us your snaps and we’ll be sure to feature our favourites!