5 Trendy DIYs to Try in 2015

With the new year looming ahead, we might be thinking of a few things to refresh our homes in 2015. We may look on Pinterest longingly at all the crafty ideas and trending interiors and wonder who has time for all of that (well, I do this – I certainly pin a lot more than I actually do! Don’t you?).  Well, today I thought I’d share five different beginner-style projects that are not too difficult but will hopefully refresh your spirit and your home in the New Year.

Turn simple mugs into something special

DIY Water Colour Mug

Use simple inexpensive mugs and turn them into mini works of art with nailpolish and water and a bit of patience. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

Spray something Copper

Copper Chair

Copper has been a huge trend this year and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for a while. Why not turn a tired piece of furniture into a statement piece by spray painting it with this warm metallic colour? A simple project that could be completed in a couple of hours!

Make a statement wall with paint pens

Add pattern with paint pens

This one is a little more involved but it’s certainly not difficult. Turn a plain wall into a fantastic piece of art with the use of a template and paint pens. This will require a bit of patience and some planning but the results could be just the refresh your space needs!

Create a simple hanging planter

diy macrame plant hanger

There are a lot of tutorials out there for creating complicated macramé hangers but every single one makes my head start to hurt after all the cutting, twisting and tying. This one is super simple and looks great. And plants – another huge trend – are only going to get more popular so it’s time to go vertical! Hang them from anywhere in the home to add a bit of life to your décor.

Dress up your walls boho-style

DIY Wall Hanging

Woven wall hangings were another big trend and not unlike the macramé, many of the tutorials out there require master craftsmanship-style knitting techniques. Not this one. A few carefully chosen yarn colours and styles and a simple knot at the top means anyone who can tie their shoe laces can have a go at this one.

All the links to these simple DIY projects are below! Which will you be trying this year?