5 Simple Steps To Spring Clean Your Study

Spring is upon us and with that, nature bursts forth with renewed energy – the pale new leaves begin appearing on the trees, our lawns come back to life and the joy of flowers and blooms create an inspiring rebirth for the season.

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Indoors, our homes may benefit from the annual ‘Spring Clean’ and one of the areas that seems to accumulate clutter more than most is the home office. Has your study become a dumping ground of unfiled paperwork and post or a repository of things in the house you haven’t bothered to find a home for just yet? It may be the area where the kids do their homework, where you pay your bills, do your weekly online shop or run your business. Without creative organisation, it can become a magnet for clutter.

Now is the time to tackle your work space and give it a fresh clean look for the new season. Today, I’m sharing some tips for getting on top of the mess and getting your study organised.

Clear out the clutter


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The first step is going through the piles of forgotten paperwork, magazines and the assortment of miscellany that gets thrown into the space throughout the year. Create piles – one to keep and store, another for the shredder or recycling and a spot for donations to charity if you have items like books, half-forgotten décor or things you might have that you no longer need or want.

If your home office is in a room with a dual purpose (perhaps it also acts as your guest bedroom or it’s in a corner of your living room), you may find yourself sorting out things like clothing, bedding and the like.

Depending upon your own circumstances, this clear out can take anywhere from an hour to a whole weekend. Divide it up into manageable pieces – starting with the desk drawers, the filing cabinet, shelving, etc. – and tackle each piece in turn, making the process more manageable.

Time to clean


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Once everything extraneous is cleared from the space, you might now want to grab the hoover and duster and give the whole space a good deep clean. The room will feel fresher and with cleared surfaces and a clean floor, you’ll be starting the whole space off on the right foot.

You should now be left with just your necessities and perhaps a few decorative items to give your space a little personality. You’ll also have a better idea of what kind of storage requirements you’ll have.

Assessing Your Storage Requirements


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If you have a lot of paperwork, you may need some storage boxes, file folders or magazine file folders. This will keep things in place and organised and make things easier to access when you need to find them later. A trip to the stationary store may be in order as well!

Consider a few cardboard file boxes for important documents that you may need to keep but don’t need to access often. If you own a business, you’ll need to keep records and documents of your taxes for a number of years so consider sorting and filing items by year and label your boxes properly. You may want to store these boxes away from your office – in the loft, garage, under the stairs, etc.

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If you need storage for products or samples for your business, make sure you have plenty of room on shelves or in larger pieces of furniture to store everything neatly and out of the way.

For any storage where items will be on display, consider items that match in style to your surroundings, taking cues from the rest of your home to make your home office fit seamlessly into your own unique look.

Your Desk

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For your desk space, what do you need at your immediate disposal? If you enjoy working in a clutter-free environment, make sure the desk contains an organiser tray for items like pens and pencils, paperclips and staples, sticky notepads and the like. If you enjoy styling your home office, use attractive trays and storage pieces that will add some style to your space instead of contributing to the clutter.

You may also want to include two trays – one for work that needs your attention and one for work that needs to be filed. Don’t let the ‘to be filed’ pile get too high! Do a weekly cleanout of this tray – either file them or scan them digitally and then shred or recycle.

Storage Furniture

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If you need some larger pieces of furniture to hide items you don’t want or need on display, consider using a sideboard or wardrobe for additional storage. Make sure you keep these larger pieces organised as well so that it doesn’t become an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ magnet for even more clutter!

A set of bookshelves may also help alongside some labelled boxes or storage baskets. Organise your books by subject matter, colour or genre (whatever works for you!) and donate anything you haven’t read in the last year or doesn’t have sentimental value.


I hope my tips today have been helpful! If you are looking to give your study a whole new look, consider our huge range of solid oak desks and furniture which blend perfectly into a home environment.

How do you organise your own study for Spring?