4 Common Bedroom Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

The bedroom is often our most sacred and personal space.  The colours and decor style chosen can make a big difference to what mood you feel as you drift off to sleep. If done right, it can help create a happy and relaxing environment but try something that doesn’t quite work the way you wanted it to, and that little annoyance will reappear every time you look at it!

To help avoid those pitfalls of designing a bedroom, we spoke to our team and our favourite interior design experts and bloggers and asked them to confess their design mistakes. Find out what has gone wrong so you can learn from their errors and style your bedroom seamlessly on the first go.

1. Short Curtains

One of my biggest design ‘pet peeves’ is when people choose bedroom curtains that only go as far as the window sill. Those short little curtains may be cheaper but they are going to make any room look short and squat! Make sure you hang your curtains within a couple of inches of your ceiling (or just below the coving) and wide enough so that when the curtains are drawn, the entire window is exposed. It will make your room look larger and your ceilings higher. Line them with blackout fabric so they keep any street lighting from giving you a restless night. And please make sure they go all the way to the floor – either just touching the floor or with a 1″ break at the floor. If you are worried about blocking a heater, install a slim blackout blind that tucks discreetly under the top of the window frame that can be drawn at night and leave the curtains hanging either side!

2. Lights hung too low


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Molly Fry  | Oak Furniture Land

If you have hanging lights, consider the height of everyone in your household before installing one. In our old flat, I bought a beautiful hanging lamp to go in our dining room (still devastated we had to leave it behind) and installed it perfect for me…. But I’m 5 feet tall. My husband is much taller than me and hit his head every time until we moved the table underneath it. It was really cute in the end. But definitely a fail.

3. Rushing the Decorating

Emma White | Apogee Interiors


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When we first moved in to our house, I was so keen to get decorating that I didn’t even give myself 5 minutes to think what the space would suit! I bought some really shiny wallpaper for our bedroom and got my husband to put this up in the first few days, without seeing if it was right. Once it was up, I HATED it. It was shiny and facing a window, so you couldn’t even see any of the detail in the pattern, but had to live with it for two years as my husband spent ages on it.

My advice is to not rush a room as room as you move in. Live with it for a bit and so you can plan how you want the room to feel. Especially a bedroom. And don’t just put up wallpaper without hanging a sample on the wall for at least a few days!

4. Forgetting to measure


Amy Davies Pereira | Little House in London

A few years ago I ordered a bed from a reputable high street retailer, a divan, with drawers underneath, velvet covered and matching headboard. The bed arrived and we were super excited to get it set up in our loft conversion bedroom. That is, until my husband and I tried to transport it up the second set of stairs to our loft bedroom.

The bed was split into two parts that you would fit together with clips later. We were both convinced looking at said halves that it would fit up the stairway. But try as we might it was not be. As you can imagine there were no points for planning for me!

My husband then had a brainwave. When we had the loft converted we had friendly doors fitted into the dorma with a juliette balcony. So, after a lot of measuring (he’s the sensible one) it was decided the bed would be hoisted up the back of the house and through the doors.

We called in some neighbourly help and the next weekend the bed was pulled up the back of our Victorian terrace. It was quite a spectacle and huge cheers erupted down the street when it was finally in.

We are having a new bed delivered in a few weeks. ALL measuring duties have been given to the husband this time round…

Whether it’s your hallway or home office, what design mistakes have you made in the past? Confess your sins on Facebook or show us on Instagram using #oakfurnitureland!