Our Day At The Ideal Homes Show

The Ideal Home Show kicked off to a great start, with a scrummy champagne reception celebrating the fantastic people who worked together to make the Good Homes roomsets possible. We loved sharing a glass with the talented Kate McPhee, the stylist who pulled together our room looks, and it was great to chat with the other room sponsors about how they interpreted each design. We snuck in a very special thank you to our friends at Good Homes; editor Karen and advertising manager Shelby’s vision made the roomsets a huge success. Not a bad way to start a Friday…


Before the crowds, we managed to sneak in a get a look at the three rooms which our furniture was placed into. What a treat! Our furniture was featured in the living room, dining room, and bedroom – three of the most important rooms in any home if we do say so ourselves! Each one captured a very different feel, but at the same time felt very comfortable, homey and inspirational.


First up was the living room, one of our favourite rooms of the bunch. Decorated in a mid-century style, Kate McPhee used mixed metals with bold copper accents, punctuated by warm grey, blush pink and navy to create a textural but simple room. It’s the kind of room that makes me just want to walk in, plop down on the Brooke 2 Seater Sofa with a steamy mug of green tea, and tuck into a really good book. Our Willow round footstool created an exciting accent piece paired with a wooden counterpart, whilst our Helsinki lamp really stole the show, glowing in copper splendour.


On to the dining room – and who knew that purple and green could look so good together! Lucy Smith, our PR Content Executive loved this space:

It feels really comfortable and charming. You could really relax with a good meal and a glass of wine here.

The zoned flooring, created with two different types of tile added a real Wow factor, and the industrial chic details surprised and pulled the overall look together. Our Alto dining table and bench looked amazing paired with mismatched dining chairs, while our light grey painted St Ives display cabinet provided great storage for pretty details and worked perfectly with the flooring.

IMG_9873-small (1)

We’d be lying if we said that the luscious hand-knit throw blanket (yes, it really is handmade, we even met the amazing women who did it!) didn’t steal the show in the hygge-inspired bedroom. It really does look fantastic draped over our St Ives double bed, with a chest of drawers to match. This cosy room was our PR Manager Kerri Littlefield’s favourite of the lot:

“It’s the little details that make the difference here, how the colours all work together, the layers of light and texture… It’s a breath of fresh air, which is exactly what you need in a bedroom!”

We loved seeing all the layers of light and knits, and the mixture of the yellow paint, white linens and painted grey and oak bed frame is sublime.


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