150 Amazing Nursery Ideas For Your New Baby

There are so many exciting things about having a baby, but getting to plan out your nursery is definitely in our Top 5! It’s an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, building the perfect little haven for the newest member of your family. But, where do you start?!

First things first, you’ll need the right nursery furniture. All of our nursery ranges are built from 100% solid hardwood, with built in features to make sure it lasts from the early days and weeks through into childhood. The cot changes into a daybed and then toddler bed when needed, whilst the clever wardrobes have adjustable rails and shelving. And, in addition, all of our beautiful ranges have soft close drawers and doors to keep those little adventuring fingers safe! No wonder our solid oak Bevel nursery range is a Loved By Parents award winner, eh?

Once you’ve decided on the right range for you, it’s time to let the fun begin! A quick look on Pinterest or Instagram will give you endless inspiration for your nursery themes, and it can all be a bit overwhelming. But don’t despair! We’ve put together your ultimate nursery inspiration list – 150 themes to inspire you to create your perfect nursery.


Seaside Themes

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside! And with these nautical inspired nurseries, your little one will grow up dreaming of smooth sailing and sunny shores.

  1. One for the miniature surfers.
  2. Set sail with a traditional nautical look.
  3. All the colours of the coast.
  4. A girly twist on the nautical trend.
  5. We love this sailboat statement wall!
  6. Neutral & calming coastal-inspired.
  7. Contemporary coastal chic.
  8. Nautical touches in a traditional nursery.


Outdoorsy Themes

For the kids who’ll grow up to have muddy knees, messy hair and dirt on their noses every weekend, an outdoorsy nursery is perfect! Be inspired by the themes of woodland wandering for your new arrival.

  1. A whimsical woodland nursery.
  2. Bring the woods indoors with wallpaper!
  3. Navy & grey rustic.
  4. Feel one with the wild in this cabin themed nursery.
  5. A bit more modern rustic – we love those wooden panels!
  6. Bohemian rustic – a dreamy little haven.
  7. Less is more in this modern woodland nursery.
  8. Goodbye statement walls – go all out with woodland wallpaper.


All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Don’t worry – there’s no need to have a theme if you don’t want one! There’s still plenty of inspiration out there based exclusively around colours. So pick the palette for you and roll up those sleeves – it’s time to get painting!

  1. Chocolate & Cream
  2. Classic Girly Pink
  3. Contemporary Grey & Pink
  4. Grey, Pink & Yellow
  5. Bright & Bold Purple
  6. Modern Mint
  7. Another minty twist!
  8. Coral & Gold
  9. Rose Gold & Grey
  10. Pink & Orange – not for the shy!
  11. Colours Against White
  12. Blue & Yellow
  13. 50 shades of blue!
  14. Whimsical Pastel Blues
  15. A Teal Treasure
  16. Pretty In Peach & Gold
  17. Black, Blue & Grey
  18. Grey, Taupe & Peach
  19. Red Accents
  20. Perfectly Preppy Navy & Pink
  21. Combing neutral with a touch of coral.

Magic & Fairytales

Take the bedtime stories out of the books and onto the walls! Let your little one grow up in a space as magical as they are with these fairytale themed nurseries.

  1. All kids should grow up believing in unicorns.
  2. A magical woodland nursery.
  3. Is it a nursery or a treasure trove?!
  4. We do believe in fairies, we do, we do!


Contemporary Trends

If your home is a cool and calm space filled with the most cutting edge trends in interior design, then there’s no reason your nursery shouldn’t be the same. It doesn’t have to all be pink & blue, after all!

  1. Grey, black, white & neutral – it doesn’t get much more contemporary than that! 
  2. Monochrome never goes out of style.
  3. A haven of pale greys and white.
  4. Modern design can still be whimsical!
  5. Cool & classic – the modern prep.
  6. Clean & modern – though it may not stay clean…!
  7. Keeping it simple
  8. Scandinavian minimalism finds a home in the nursery, too.


Adventurous Themes

By having a baby you’re embarking on the grandest adventure of your life, so why not reflect that in their nursery décor? Your little ones will grow up ready and raring for whatever life throws at them!

  1. Perfect for tiny travellers.
  2. What better adventure than a safari?!
  3. Another Safari adventure…
  4. There’s no adventure like a pirate adventure, arr!
  5. Be inspired by the wild, wild west!

Travel & Transport Themes

Your little one will have a head start on ‘the wheels on the bus’ song at nursery school with these travel themed nurseries…

  1. All aboard this train themed nursery!
  2. 3, 2, 1… Rocket themed!
  3. Airplane themed to let their dreams fly.


Nurseries for Sharing

You might have more than one bundle of joy on the way, or your one bundle might be sharing with it’s older sibling. Either way, you’ll need to consider shared space solutions when putting your nursery together. Here’s some ideas!

  1. Two halves of the same whole.
  2. We’re seeing double!
  3. For sharing with an older sibling…
  4. Vintage inspired nursery for twins.


Cosy Spaces

If keeping things cosy and cuddly is your number one priority, then be inspired by these havens of all things snuggly!

  1. A warm and cosy space.
  2. It’s cosy and colourful – what’s not to like?
  3. Perfect for tiny dreamers.


Animal Themed Nurseries

Face it, the next few years of your life are going to be full of zoos, safari parks and – well, anywhere with animals, really! So get an early start with these animal themed nurseries. Ideal for your very own little monkey!

  1. Counting sheep.
  2. Elephant themed nursery.
  3. All the animals of the jungle… 
  4. …And all the friends of the forest.
  5. Tweet tweet! Bird themed nursery.
  6. OWL bet you’ll like this one!
  7. Another one for the sheep fans!
  8. Having a WHALE of a time?
  9. A bird nursery that’s perfect for either gender.
  10. Hop your way into bunny land.
  11. Birds & owls aplenty.
  12. Little ladybugs will love this.
  13. Dinosaurs definitely count as animals, right?
  14. We love how this is centred around the baby rhino print.
  15. An abundance of animals!


Books, Films & TV

If you love a particular book, film or TV series, why not theme your nursery around that? You’ll love spending time there even more, that way! And how exciting will it be when you finally get to share it with your little one, eh?

  1. Calling all little Gryffindors!
  2. And maybe some little Slytherins too?
  3. Luke… This is… Your nursery… 
  4. You definitely won’t get Lost in here!
  5. Adorable Jungle Book theme.
  6. For all the little wild ones out there!
  7. A modern twist on the Disney theme.
  8. You’ve got a friend in this Toy Story nursery!
  9. Show off your love of all things Pixar.
  10. Let Winnie the Pooh welcome your little one.
  11. What better place for a nursery than the 100 Acre Wood?
  12. Clap your hands if you’d love a Tinkerbell nursery!
  13. Is your nursery bigger on the inside?
  14. Oh, the places your little one will go!


Geographic Themes

Love a particular part of the world? Want to bring it into your home? Then the nursery is the place to do that. You might not be able to go adventuring with your baby for a while, but you can bring the adventure to you with the place-themed ideas.

  1. A bit of Southwestern inspiration.
  2. Viva Mexicana!
  3. You’ll always have Paris.
  4. Tropical inspiration from the Caribbean.
  5. All the colours of Holland!
  6. Head into the Alaskan wild.
  7. It’s all about Africa.
  8. You can’t get much more adventurous than Space!


Neutral Ideas

You know we love our neutrals at Oak Furniture Land, so we love these neutral themed nurseries. Calming, cool and perfect for either gender – a neutral nursery can be a great addition to your home.

  1. A bright & beautiful neutral nursery.
  2. It might not be practical but there’s nothing nicer than white!
  3. Neutral and minimal.
  4. Modern, neutral and cosy.


Patterned Themes

If you’re a fan of all things patterned, your nursery can be a great place to embrace your favourites! Have a peek at our pick of the best patterned nursery rooms.

  1. Rose Gold Polkadots.
  2. Naya Rivera’s graphic patterned nursery.
  3. Peach & Gold Triangles.
  4. Preppy & pretty chevron patterns.
  5. Cosy patchwork patterns.
  6. A modern geometric masterpiece.
  7. Grey & yellow stripes.
  8. Grey & white polkadots.
  9. Navy & white stripes.
  10. Blue & gold triangles.


Hobbies & Interests

If you’re really passionate about something, why not pass it on to the brand new passion in your life? After all, the nursery belongs to you as much as it does to them! Show off about your hobbies and interests with these nursery ideas.

  1. A musical nursery.
  2. All the fun of the circus!
  3. Yep – there’s even a Mario Kart nursery
  4. Sport themed nursery.
  5. NASA themed for little astronauts.
  6. Take your nursery under the sea!
  7. Old school carnival themed.
  8. Inspire buddy artists with a children’s artwork themed nursery.


Old School Themes

They don’t call ‘em the good old days for nothing, you know! Be inspired by all things  vintage, retro and generally nostalgic with these old school themes.

  1. An eclectic vintage mix.
  2. A happily nostalgic theme.
  3. Combine a love of vintage with a love of travel.
  4. How pretty are these vintage maps?
  5. Combining retro & modern all at once!


A Grown Up Look

If the thought of cuddly toys, moses baskets and alphabet letters fills you with dread – don’t worry! You don’t have to sacrifice your lovely grown up home. We love these sophisticated nurseries for you sophisticated parents out there.

  1. Calming and restful – perfect for you and your baby.
  2. Chic, stylish & grown up.
  3. A regal & elegant space.


And everything else!

Finally, a hodge podge of all the amazing nursery ideas that just didn’t fit anywhere else! So if you’re really stuck for a theme and haven’t found the one for you, have a look through this list. We mean it – anything goes!

  1. Modern art inspiration from Kandinsky.
  2. A steampunk nursery – who would’ve thought!
  3. One for romantics – a Valentines Day nursery.
  4. A is for Apple, and for this nursery.
  5. A is also for Alphabet…
  6. …And for the ABC!
  7. Combing two themes at once – under the sea & the sunset.
  8. Hollywood Regency boudoir.
  9. An eclectic mix of vibrant themes.
  10. DIY with this crafty nursery.
  11. Whimsical meadow themed nursery.
  12. No rules for this nursery!
  13. It’s ANYTHING but pink.
  14. Even rainy days can inspire a beautiful nursery!

We’ve saved the best for last – our favourite 5!

  1. A gender neutral nursery if you’re keeping it a surprise.
  2. The perfect pretty vintage theme.
  3. Shoot off to space with this out-of-the-world nursery!
  4. Pastel colours are a nursery classic.
  5. If you go down to the woods today…


So there you have it! 150 ideas for your brand new nursery. Which one is your favourite? Or have you got a totally new idea that we’ve missed out? Let us know! Tweet us at @OFLOakFurniture, or tag us in your nursery snaps on Instagram with #oakfurnitureland. We’ll be sure to feature our favourites!