14 Must Haves for Your New Home

When you move into your first home, the rush of possibility is likely palpable. A blank canvas upon which you can stamp your personality and make your mark upon is always an exciting prospect and there’s a good chance you are itching to get started.

However, there is always a moment of pause once you get those keys. With so many rooms to furnish and quite possibly only a few possessions, where do you actually start to make sure you are prioritising the most important things first? Our post today will help you to tackle this very question. These are the things you’ll absolutely need when you first move into your new home. Once you get these items checked off, your new house will begin to feel like home.

The Basics

kemble bedroom

Source: Oak Furniture Land Kemble Range

Before considering anything else, you are going to need a place to sleep, somewhere to sit and enjoy your favourite Netflix series, somewhere to eat your dinner (you’re not in student digs anymore – your lap won’t cut it!) and you’ll need somewhere to store and cook your food.

Your biggest priority will be a bed with the best mattress you can afford. Sleep is so important to your health that if you deny yourself a decent night’s sleep, you will struggle to function well during the day.

bevel living room

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A sofa comes a close second. Sitting on cheap folding chairs will have lost their appeal long ago so a comfy sofa to relax at the end of a long day will be a welcome addition to any living room.

A proper dining table and a set of chairs will always make a house a home as it becomes the spot where you not only share meals but it may morph into the place you do your browsing, entertain friends and can be used as a makeshift office space when needed.

kemble dining set

Source: Oak Furniture Land Kemble Range

And lastly, if your home didn’t come with kitchen appliances, you’ll need to prioritise these as well. You’ll need at the bare minimum, a fridge freezer and a cooker. A washing machine will be handy as well so you don’t have to run back and forth to a local laundromat – or worse, mum and dad’s!

A Bit of Comfort

Of course, these basics only go so far into making life just about liveable in your new home. You’ll also want to invest in a few creature comforts!

bella bedroom

Source: Oak Furniture Land Bella Range

Consider investing in good quality bedding. At the very least, you’ll need a duvet and duvet cover, a set of pillows and pillowcases and a fitted sheet. Try to stay away from cheap bedding sets as they don’t feel as luxurious against your skin. If you can, consider cotton with a high thread count or linen bedding which only gets softer as it ages – and as a bonus, you never have to iron it! Consider buying two sets of each so that you always have a clean set when one is in the laundry.

You’ll also need at least one full set of towels for every person in your household along with a bathmat and a couple of handtowels. Similar to the bedding, you may want to get a second set so that there’s always a clean towel available while the others are being laundered.

alto living room

Source: Oak Furniture Land Alto Range

And finally, a few cushions and a nice cosy throw for your sofa and/or bed will make chilling out and relaxing so much more enjoyable. If you are decorating, find colours and patterns you love that work with your planned design or colour scheme or stick to some neutral colours or touchable textures that can go with anything.


Add Personality & Life

kemble office desk and chair with art

Source: Oak Furniture Land Kemble Range

There’s nothing that makes a room look more unfinished than four big blank walls. Art that you love will add colour and personality to your space and make your rooms look lived in and loved. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive pieces (unless you want to!) but do try to choose items that provoke some kind of emotional response to ensure its longevity in your home. Try to balance the sizes of the pieces relative to the size of the walls. So, for a larger wall, consider one big piece of art or create a gallery wall with multiple pieces.

Check out our post on Quick and Easy Ways to Add Wall Art for more ideas!

swoonworthy blog bedroom house plants

Source: Swoon Worthy

You may also want to invest in a few house plants to add colour and life to your surroundings. Not only do they purify the air but they add an organic touch to your home. Afraid you may have a black thumb? Consider easy-to-care-for varieties like ZZ Plants, Spider plants, Mother-in-law’s tongue and succulents which can take a little bit of neglect between waterings.


It’s likely that you haven’t walked into your new home without anything at all to hand but even with a minimum of possessions, you’ll likely be adding more and more stuff as you go along. It’s the nature of the beast! So, look at a few storage solutions to cut down on any clutter you may already have in your possession or make way for new as time goes on with some smart storage pieces.

edinburgh bedroom

Source: Oak Furniture Land Edinburgh Range

If you don’t have built in storage, you’ll likely need a freestanding wardrobe and a chest of drawers to keep your clothes free of dust and to prevent anything from fading in sunlight. Whether you’d prefer a single, double or triple wardrobe is up to you but make sure it’s good quality as it’ll get heavy use.

original rustic bookcase

Source: Oak Furniture Land Original Rustic Range

You might also want to include some shelving, whether it’s to store your book collection, show off your collection of vintage glassware or simply to create a wall display. You can choose from bookshelves or use wall hung shelves to keep collections looking neat and orderly.

You may also want to invest in a cabinet or two to store anything else from TV consoles to your favourite magazines. The doors will contain anything you’d rather not have on display at all times.

Check out our post on 8 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Storage for more ideas!


orrick dining room

Source: Oak Furniture Land Original Rustic Range

If you are intent on making your house a home as quickly as possible, then having bare lightbulbs hanging from the middle of the ceiling isn’t going to cut it. Whilst in time, you may want to invest in light fixtures, for now, ceiling pendant shades to diffuse the light will be enough to create a little ambiance along with a few table or floor lamps. Invest in a few dimmer switches as well for rooms so that you don’t feel like you are under interrogation and you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood.

Curtains or Blinds

french farmhouse bedroom

Source: Oak Furniture Land Edinburgh Range

And finally, there’s nothing worse than moving in and realising you can peer right into the neighbour’s kitchen (or worse, their bathroom or bedroom!) and vice versa. Make sure you purchase a few sets of curtains or if the cost is prohibitive, at the very least, some roller blinds for privacy in the bedrooms and adjustable Venetian blinds everywhere else.


If you are looking for more tips and ideas to make your house a home, check out all our stylish tips and inspiration on our blog! Ready to shop? We have a wide selection of furniture for every room in your home.



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