13 Funniest Moments As A New Parent

The idea of parenthood can be a really exciting, exhausting and daunting time. From the nappy changing to the feeding routine (and let’s not forget the actual birth itself), there’s lots of moments to prepare for. There are also those moments that are so unexpected that all you can really do is laugh.

We went out to some of our favourite mummy bloggers to ask them what their funniest moments were in their first few weeks of parenting. Whether it’s the actions of the little ones themselves, or of the clueless but kind-hearted friends and family who offer to help, there’s no shortage of laughter in those first few months.

Warning! Some of these are… well… a little bit graphic.

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Helpless other halves

If you and your other half are a totally-in-sync baby raising duo, we congratulate you. Sadly for most, that’s not the case! When Clare from Emmy’s Mummy asked her other half to change their baby’s nappy, it didn’t take long for the shouts for help to start coming – “Help! It’s everywhere! What do I do?!” Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em!

The time when they just won’t feed

Jenni from Odd Socks and Lollipops experienced her funniest moment pretty early on. She was walking through her Doctor’s surgery feeding her little daughter, who refused to unlatch! A bit embarrassing, but we’re sure that everyone understood!

When the excitement was just too much

Nobody wants to imagine this story from Samantha at North East Family Fun, but we’re sure that all the parents out there can relate…

“I was that parent that threw their baby in the air and they were sick in my mouth!”


5 nappies in 5 minutes

All babies seem to feel that the best time to use their nappy is whilst it’s being removed. This might not be the funniest moment at the time, but you can certainly laugh about it after – especially for Franca from A Moment With Franca, who once managed to get through 5 nappies in 5 minutes!

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When they forget to close their mouths

When my little boy was 6 days old we popped him on the changing table to change his nappy – it still took both of us at this stage – and when we took his nappy off he weed in to his own mouth… I think I laughed and cried at the same!” – Lucy from Oh Hello Face

Well, at least it wasn’t yours Lucy!

Enormous noises from tiny people

Anybody who’s had a baby will know, they can create some seriously impressive flatulence for such little people! The first time Rachel from Parenthood Highs and Lows heard her little one let loose, she couldn’t stop laughing!

Don’t attempt to change in the dark

When we came home the bulb went in the baby’s bedroom and we were trying to change baby by the light in the hallway. I could see a ‘thread’ and was trying to catch it – turns out it wasn’t a thread – the boy had started weeing and it was causing a fountain effect straight off the change table onto the dog’s head!” Rachael from Rachael Jess

Poor puppy!

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Keep your eyes closed

“My funniest story has to be when my husband was changing our son’s nappy in the middle of the night and he was half asleep (my husband that is)… Until my son did a wee and it hit him in the face!!!” – Katy from Katy Gibson

We can all learn a lesson from this – if your little one needs changing in the middle of the night, send your other half instead!

Dinner time isn’t play time

It seems basic, but it’s remarkable how many people think it’s a good idea to jiggle a baby straight after they’ve been fed. Elaine from A Hint of White’s partner decided that this was a smart thing to do and, unsurprisingly, ended up covered in everything the baby had just eaten!

Infectious laughter

We’ve all experienced that feeling of laughing simply because somebody else is laughing, even if we don’t know why they’re laughing in the first place. When the person that’s laughing is your own baby, you’re likely to find yourself laughing too – mostly because their little laughs are so adorable and hilarious! This was definitely the case for Louise from My Three and Me (all three times!).

Sleeping on the job

Donna from The London Mum’s funniest moment was when her partner was put in charge of looking after the baby. Within 5 minutes, he was fast asleep! As she put it – “sums up life with a newborn!”

Computer game champion in the making

We love this story! Morgan from Morgan’s Milieu’s husband was looking after their little one and playing games with the baby on his lap, when the clever little monkey started pressing buttons at random so Daddy lost his game! Pretty hilarious for Morgan – perhaps not so much for her other half…

Isn’t it ironic?

You’ll never really learn the meaning of ‘irony’ until you have a baby…

“Baby number 4 would not sleep. Any noise – even a sneeze – would wake him. Yet on our first trip to town, he slept through passing a pneumatic drill! Unbelievable!” – Claire from Six Degrees of Harmony

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And to all the expectant parents out there – don’t worry, it’s not just sleepless nights! Let us know what makes you smile in the first few months of parenthood.