Restful Bedroom Inspiration

When asked what kind of bedroom most people crave, it’s normally words like ‘calm’, ‘restful’ and ‘relaxing’ that crop up most often.  But how is a calm bedroom achieved and what kind of elements dictate a space that provides the best atmosphere for a great night’s sleep?

green calming bedroom with contrasting furniture

Colour is your first port of call for a relaxing environment.  Pale blues, watery greens and dusty lavenders are often used because these colours have been shown to be stress-reducing, evoking thoughts of blue skies and calm seas.  But pale grays work just as well when paired with white or blues.

grey painted bedroom furniture with red feature wall

Consider your storage needs as well.  Clothing, shoes and laundry strewn around a room hardly makes for a restful environment.  Investing in good quality storage such as blanket boxes, tallboys and chests will maximise your available space, providing a place for everything you might need to store out of sight.

industrial style bedroom with dark acacia wood furniture

A good quality bed should be high on the list of requirements too.  A supportive bed and a good-quality mattress go a long way in getting a great night’s sleep so buy the best you can afford – your back will thank you for it in years to come!

earth toned bedroom with curved painted walls

Wood always adds a warmth to a bedroom that you simply can’t get from other materials. Our Original Rustic bed will give you comfort and support while looking beautiful at the same time.

Wooden bedroom furniture and blue accent chair

What about other seating in your room?  A comfy accent chair to put on socks and shoes or somewhere to sit and read is always a nice addition to creating a calming environment.

Choose fabrics that long to be touched in soft colours to match your scheme.  Our Jasmine armchair would work perfectly to set the scene in a bedroom.

Blue toned bedroom furniture

Lastly, textural elements will provide lasting comfort in your bedroom.  So be sure to fold a cozy throw at the bottom of the bed so when those colder nights come in, you don’t have to retreat to the linen closet in bare feet.  Cushions will provide support and comfort when you want to catch up on your favourite book before catching your 40 winks.

What are the elements that you find create the most relaxed bedroom?  I’d love to hear from you!