How to Dress your Bedroom

What makes a bedroom more than just a room in which to lay your head and sleep? Everyone wants a bedroom that’s more than this, somewhere to relax after a long, hard day. So what can you do to turn that room into the sanctuary and haven that you deserve? Well hopefully you’ll be inspired by our advice and top tips in this article which aims to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

Green and Pink Bedroom with Oak Copenhagen Range

The first thing you need to decide upon is the kind of style or look you want to achieve. If you’re not sure then think about the types of interiors you like or are drawn to. Do you like a modern, minimal style, or perhaps you’re more traditional? Maybe you like something more vintage or eclectic, or perhaps a mix of several. Whatever the style try, once you’ve decided try and stick to it when choosing your accessories.

The Furniture:

Let’s assume you’ve already got the furniture and the bed but if anything does need replacing or updating don’t forget to give us a visit and take a look at our beautiful oak bedroom furniture range. A bedroom will always look more unified and uncluttered if the furniture is from the same range, but if you’re wanting a more eclectic look then think about mixing and matching.

White painted chest of drawers with rustic wooden bed

Be Confident with Colour:

Be confident with your colours and don’t be afraid to experiment. Draw up a Moodboard of your likes and ideas which will help you focus on the end result. Colours that traditionally work well in a bedroom are neutrals and greens of course, which can be calming and relaxing. A passionate pink can really warm up the space, and lilac works well too. Look out for new colour and paint ranges like those just launched by Farrow and Ball. How a colour looks will also depend on the light in the room, so do test paint swatches on the wall before you buy.

bright pink havana style bedroom with grey furniture

Make a Statement:

It’s so popular now to incorporate a wow factor into a room and sometimes it’s hard to know how to do this. With a bedroom it can be easy though, particularly if you have the option to add a headboard. Go for something overly large to ensure it really stands out in the room. Alternatively add some statement wallpaper. If it’s really bold put it behind the bed so it doesn’t disturb your sleep.

White painted bed in blue bedroom

Add some Lighting:

It’s so important to add the right kind of lighting to your dream room. You’ll need good light to read by at night so ensure you have adjustable reading lights. The room will also benefit from softer mood lighting, as well as lights to enhance a corner of the room.

Fresh Start Bedroom

Dress your Bedroom with Soft Furnishings:

This is where you can really start to pull your scheme together. For a cohesive look, tie your curtains or blinds into the rest of the décor and add lots of co-ordinating cushions and throws to add texture and warmth. Use different fabrics like wool, faux fur and velvet for a really sumptuous look and don’t forget a soft, warm rug at the side of the bed too.

Blue colour scheme bedroom

Creating your dream bedroom isn’t too difficult and with a little shopping around you can achieve the relaxing, calm sanctuary you’re after.