How to Use Sofa Beds for Space Saving

oak furniture land sofa bed in living room

If you ask us, sofa beds have a bit of an undeserved reputation. Too often, people tell us that they’re unsightly, uncomfortable, or unwanted. But we know that that’s simply not true! In smaller homes, multi-use rooms, or compact rented flats, furniture that works double-duty can be a godsend. And […]

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Sleep Like A Dream On World Sleep Day

According to The National Sleep Council, we spend a third of our lives asleep – it’s a big time investment! But it’s also vitally important to help us stay healthy, happy, and enjoy the other two-thirds of the time we’re awake a bit more. In honour of World Sleep Day, […]

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Scandi Trends for Kids’ Rooms

  We don’t have a huge house and like most people, we don’t have an endless budget either, so when I do get the chance to redecorate a room, I get a little excited. As we are currently redeveloping the loft, there’s a knock on effect to other rooms. Consequently […]

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