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 A believer in love stories or not , it’s the month of romance so we thought we’d embrace it and share our tips on how to find the sofa equivalent of your soulmate.


Whether it’s for snuggling, sitting or snoozing, you’ve got to love your sofa so before you start searching for “The One”, work out which style and shape will work best for you and your space. With your scheme in mind, consider whether two armchairs would work better than a sofa? Do you have the ceiling height to handle the scale of a high-backed design?

As well as fitting in with the dimensions of your room, your furniture also needs to fit in with your life. If you’re after furniture with flex appeal, then maybe the versatility of a modular sofa could be the answer? Each piece in our modular range is fully finished so it never looks out of place however you configure it, making it ideal for busy families where the dynamic is constantly changing.


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Strapped for space when guests stay? Perhaps you can solve sleepover situations with a sofa bed. Whether it’s an occasional put me up or something you’ll use more regularly, comfort and quality are always top of mind in our sofa bed designs. Their dual purpose means we invest a lot of time ensuring they’re as cosy to sleep on as they are to sit on.


It sounds obvious but measure your space carefully. Bear in mind the functionality of the other furniture in your scheme so that once your gorgeous new sofa is in situ, you can still get to the bookshelf, open the doors on your TV cabinet and access the drawers in the sideboard. If the seating you’ve got in mind is going to cramp your style, it’s a no-no. Move on and find something that means you won’t have to compromise.


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When you’re shopping around make sure that what sounds great on paper is just as good in person. Leather furniture is a prime example. At Oak Furniture Land when we say leather, we mean 100% leather. Not “leather feel”, “leatherluxe” or any other words that mean you aren’t getting the genuine article!


From soft woven chenilles to light linens and cosy woollen tartans, we choose our fabrics according to their texture, design and quality and use the industry recognised heavy domestic Martindale rub test, which surpasses standard domestic use, to ensure their strength and resilience.


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We all know looks are important but a sofa’s a big investment so it also needs to be able to stand the test of time. Durability is crucial in each and every one of our designs. We use hardwood in the frame construction and the timber is kiln dried so the structure remains sturdy and stable.  Crucial joints are screwed and glued to prevent any creaks and squeaks and in certain models we use twin dowelled joinery to maximise strength.

While others might use fabric webbing which can stretch and sag, in the majority of our designs, we use heavy gauge serpentine springs in the backs and seat bases for added comfort and lasting cushion support.

The fillings that we select in our seat cushions are just as carefully considered and specifications are chosen according to the style of the sofa. Be assured lumps, bumps and sags are never a look we go for. Depending on your sofa choice we use either*:

Extra Flex seat cushions which combine all the comfort of fibre with a base of foam so they don’t need turning and only require regular care in terms of plumping


Our exclusive Air Wave All Foam seat cushions which provide the sitting comfort of fibre and the easy-care durability of high grade foam – no turning and plumping necessary, which means you get to spend your time doing something much more fun!

*With the exception of our Brooke and Maddox ranges, where we use a pure fibre filling.


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If you’re not set on finding a perfect match, then your taste might prefer our Accent Chairs. Available in a range of different styles and fabric finishes, they’re a great way to pair your sofa with a co-ordinating piece of furniture without it looking identical.


If you’ve ruled out a recliner as a potential contender because you don’t think you’ve got the room for it, think again. We use space saving Wall Hugger mechanisms in all our models (as the back reclines the seat moves forward) which means the sofa and chairs can be used close to a wall with only a marginal gap needed for clearance. For durability and longevity, we specify electric designs with only the highest quality steel recliner actions and motors.


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Oak Furniture Land operates very differently to other sofa retailers which means you won’t experience lengthy delays and weeks of waiting for your furniture, we can provide immediate arrangements for delivery to your home. And, unlike many brands, we offer free home delivery. In fact, we won’t just carry your sofa over the threshold, we’ll take it to the room of your choice!


So, what are you waiting for? With a great and varied range sofas and armchairs available at super reasonable prices, shop today by clicking here! If you already have an Oak Furniture Land piece and would love to share it, tag us in your snaps with #LoveYourSofa on Twitter or Instagram.