Home Office Buying Guide

I’m very lucky in that I work from home. My commute to work is as long as it takes to roll out of bed, take a shower and get dressed. Yes, I get dressed, I don’t work in my pyjamas as I still need to feel professional. With this also comes the need to have the right environment where I can concentrate and be productive. So, this guide comes from personal experience.

scandinavian style oak office furniture

When sitting in a chair at a desk all day long, it’s important to be comfortable. You should choose a chair that can be adjusted to your needs (somebody who is 5’2″ will need a different chair from somebody who is 6’2″ tall), keep you comfortable and supports your back. If you move around a lot with your chair, you might want to consider one with coasters as they are less likely to scratch your floor than normal feet.

industrial style office furniture

Your desk is obviously the place where it all happens. If you tend to hoard lots of paperwork, you might want a desk large enough to keep upright magazine files and baskets. You should also have enough space for a notepad next to your keyboard or laptop as well as some flowers, picture frames or ornaments. It might not seem immediately important, but having a pleasant environment will make you feel happier at your desk and add to your productivity.

Scandi-style oak office with computer desk, tall bookcase and all-oak dining chair

Think about storage. You will need somewhere to put paperwork, reference books, ink cartridges, and much more. A large shelving system provides the flexibility to keep all these things as well as some small plants and ornaments.

blue painted office furniture

Don’t forget lighting. A single ceiling light is not enough and will cast distracting shadows when you’re working. You will need a desk lamp, preferably one which is adjustable depending on the tasks.

Natural Oak Office Desk

Make it personal. Hang some art, use the wall behind your desk to put up a large memo board or inspirational wall. Add pops of colour by using cushions, rugs, flowers. Yes it is your office and it is a working space, but it’s also a part of your home and what would be the point in working from home if you can’t personalise your office?

I hope this little guide will be helpful when when setting up your working space.