A Buying Guide for Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany Furniture has been popular in homes for many years and is synonymous with quality and tradition. The versatility, warmth and richness of Mahogany make it ideal for furniture creation in both traditional and modern style homes in the same way as Oak. Good pieces of mahogany furniture will ooze detail and skilled workmanship and will be built to last. If you have inherited a piece of mahogany from a grandparent perhaps, imagine the stories it could tell. Furniture like this is meant to passed through the generations bringing with it sentimentality and family history.

The History of Mahogany:

Mahogany refers to the reddish brown timber of the tropical hardwood trees grown in areas such as Peru and Brazil. Commercially grown for its beauty, durability and colour it’s used in the making of furniture, boats and musical instruments. In the early 18th century Mahogany rapidly became the wood of choice for skilled workmen making high quality furniture in both Britain and North America. The peak of trade came in the last quarter of the 19th century where Britain alone imported over 80,000 tonnes in 1875. Although these levels have not been matched since, mahogany furniture remains popular to this day.

How to Incorporate Mahogany Furniture into your Décor:


There is no need to think mahogany furniture is dated or old fashioned; it can be incorporated into a modern setting beautifully. If you’re lucky enough to inherit a piece or you choose to buy something new look at how it blends into a dramatic, contemporary setting as in this hallway:

Mid Century:

If you’re a fan of a more mid-century or retro look then again a beautiful, quality piece of mahogany furniture will work fabulously. This beautiful mahogany mid-century cabinet has been given a personal twist by adding a panel of silk with a digital print to give it a retro feel. There’s nothing dated or old fashioned about this look and it would work wonderfully well in any modern home.


Both antique and newly purchased mahogany furniture will look stunning in a more traditional setting. If you’re using several pieces in one room don’t overpower them with lots of colour, let them stand out and speak for themselves and give them a neutral backdrop as in this home.

Current Trends:

One of the most popular trends of the season has to be the Rural Living or Rustic, Luxe look where old wood and outdoor textures are combined with check and woollen fabrics to create a ‘gentleman’s lounge’ or reading library look in your home. Mahogany furniture is just perfect to use with this style and adds an element of class and dignity that it sometimes lacks. This wonderful library in 18th Century Russborough House, Ireland is majestic and imposing, with the richness of the mahogany blending beautifully with the drama of the greens, reds and golds.


Many of us love to inject our own personality into our homes rather than simply following trends, creating a look that is somewhat eclectic. It’s not always easy to achieve but by combining different looks, periods and finishes the eclectic look lends itself to a beautiful piece of mahogany furniture.

If you’ve been lucky enough to inherit an old piece of mahogany furniture or you’ve treated yourself to something new, maybe from our Sleigh range, it is important that you take good care of it and preserve it well. Using the right wax 3 or 4 times a year will treat and feed the wood and keep it looking at its best. Keep it out of sunlight and away from radiators, and protect it as much as you can. Following these simple steps will ensure you have a beautiful piece of furniture to hand down through the generations of your family, who will love it as much as you have.

Jen x