50 Delightful Coffee Table Reads

What completes a coffee table better than some amazing books to look through? Coffee table books contain beautiful pictures, amazing stories and tales of human interest that will fascinate you and your guests. But which books should you choose? We’ve come up with a list of our 50 top reads, which will delight you for years to come. Whatever your interest, have a look at our useful list for lazy Sunday reads or birthday presents to suit any personality.

Coffee table in beautiful Mantis range living room


We’ve selected our favourite photography anthologies for you to marvel at. From the beautiful and touching work of Ansel Adams, to the shocking and ground breaking work of Sebastiao Salgado, these stunning and carefully selected books will entertain and delight you and your guests.

  1. Ansel Adams, 400 Photographs

Ansel Adams is one of this centuries most talented photographers. Few other photographers have produced such stunning images, with lasting beauty and significance. This book is a classic choice, compiled of 400 of Adams most moving photographs, a testament to a lifetime of his dedication to taking the world’s most magnificent photographs.

2. Sebastiao Salgado, Genesis

Close up of Sebastiao Salgado's Genesis

3. Phaidon, Decade

4. Nick Brandt, On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa

5. Andrew Zuckerman, Flower

6.Diane Arbus, Revelations

7. Steve McCurry, Looking East

8. Roger Ballen, Outland

9. Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York

We love Stanton’s gritty street photography. This book is a collection of beautiful photographs of people around New York City, complete with witty and individual anecdotes celebrating people’s lives. An interesting dive into the diversity of human experience, this book will keep you coming back for more.

Travel and nature

If you’re a nature lover, or have wanderlust, then these are the perfect reads for you. You can travel across the globe from the comfort of your sofa, and gaze in wonder at the amazing imagery the world has to offer.

beautiful waterfall through nature

10. T. Mann & Lynn Davis, Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold Between Worlds

11. Julian Holland, Great Railway Journeys of the World

12. Nicole Robertson, Paris in Colour

This book really is a must-have for any lover of style. A compilation of stunning photographs of Paris, these vibrant photographs offer endless design inspiration as well as surprising and delighting the reader with the variety and character of Parisian architecture.

13. Hamish Bowles, Vogue Living: Houses Gardens People

14. Brian Vanden Brink, Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America

15. National Geographic, Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

16. Thomas Packenham, Meetings With Trees

17. Tim Peake, Hello, is this planet Earth: My View from the International Space Station

18. Barbara Ireland, The New York Times: 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe

Fashion & Interiors

Are you a budding fashionista? No matter whether you’re addicted to gorgeous Louboutin heels, or interested in the story behind 1950’s Hollywood glamour, we’ve got the perfect selection.

19. Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin

20. Kate Spade, Things We Love

21. Dior: The Legendary Images

22. Jay Jorgensen, Edith Head: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood’s Greatest Costume Designer

Edith Head may not be a big Hollywood name, but her fashion designs transformed the careers of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. Known for being the best designer for the red carpet, Head’s designs spanning over six decades made her the number one costume designer in Hollywood. This fascinating book is full of stunning images, her own drawings and incredible facts about her amazing life story.

Grace Kelly

23. Amy De La Haye & Valerie D. Mendes, The House of Worth

24. Rizzoli, A Denim Story

25. Deborag N. Landis, Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design

26. Alexander McQueen, Working Progress

27. Annika Huett and Ulf Huett Nilsson, Swedish Details

Human Interest

Sometimes the most interesting books are those that tell the human story. These coffee table reads document the variety and breadth of human experience, and will move and engage you in stories beyond belief.

28. Chris Ware, Building Stories

This incredible book is lovingly presented in a box, containing several smaller books. Each presents a different tale of the life of one person. A young woman growing in to adulthood, a story of love, parenthood, loss and everything in between. All 14 smaller reads are fascinating and visually beautiful. An extraordinary achievement for Ware, and a perfect accompaniment to any coffee table.

29. Judy Chicago, Frida Carlo, Face to Face

30. Steven Brower, Satchmo: The Wonderful Life and Art of Louis Armstrong

31. Bill Clinton & Desmond Tutu, Mandela

Nelson Mandela book cover

32. Isaac Fitzgerald, Pen & Ink

33. Goya, Order and Disorder

34. David M. Wilson, The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott

35. Pascal Bagot, Joe Cummings, Anna Felicity, and Friedman Sebastien Gallio, Tattoo

Who doesn’t love a controversial coffee table read? Something your guests will find memorable, this collection of photographs shows tattoos over the past hundred years. Ranging from the artistic and sublime, to the more edgy criminal aspects, this book is unforgettable and dynamic. Definitely worth a look!

Food and Drink

Food related coffee table reads

Who doesn’t love mouth-watering pictures of food? To whet the appetites of all readers, our selected food and drink books will certainly satisfy your cravings.

36. Lonely Planet, Food Lover’s Guide to the World

This incredible book charts a journey around the world through food. Containing stunning photographs of mouth-watering international cuisine, this book will keep readers engaged and will whet appetites! When we travel, it’s often love at first bite!

37. Shanon Benenson and Jules Bond, New York Botanical Garden Cookbook

38. Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook

39. Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine at Home

Change the way you think about cooking at home. This book contains amazing photographs that deconstruct some of the world’s most tasty dishes. Vibrant, and visually innovative, this coffee table read shows you modern techniques and hundreds of useful new recipes.

40. Naomi Duguid, Beyond the Great Wall

41. Christopher Boffoli, Big Appetites

42. Jeremy Fox, On Vegetables


We all love to see pictures of our pets having fun. But what if you could see dogs and cats documented by the world’s most skilful photographers? Casteel famously captures dogs joyfully swimming using underwater cameras, and if that wasn’t funny enough, see Dogshaming, a hilarious portrait of pet enthusiasm gone horribly wrong.

43. Seth Casteel, Underwater Dogs

44. Tim Flach, Dogs

Tim Flach’s classic book is a famous tribute to man’s best friend. He beautifully photographs 25 different breeds of dogs in playful, clear detail. An essential read for any dog lover, this book is an engaging coffee table addition your family and friends will love!

45. Pascale Lemire , Dogshaming

46. Katie Preston Toepfer, Wedding Dogs: A Celebration of Holy Muttrimony

47. Francesco Marciuliano, I Could Chew on This

48. Bernard Kliban, Cat

49. Alexandra Crockett, Metal Cats

50. Lewis Blackwell, The Life and Love of Cats

They’ve already taken over the internet, this really is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cats. This book looks at the lives of modern domestic cats, and also looks back in time at medieval cats, wild cats in Africa and everything in between. We absolutely loved this The Life and Love of Cats!

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