YOUR Top Tips For A GREAT Night’s Sleep

To celebrate World Sleep Day, we recently asked our lovely Oak Furniture Land customers for their top tips for a good night’s sleep. We loved reading all of the answers! Unsurprisingly it turns out you lot are a wonderful bunch full of great advice, so we didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves. Read on to find out the best possible advice for a  good night’s snooze, and to see if your entry made the cut!

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Reading is definitely one of our favourite before-bed activities. If you’re stuck for books to read before falling asleep, why not check out our guide? We can’t help you with a lazy cat though – that one you’ll have to sort for yourself!

“I try to always have a glass of milk an hour before and then try to unwind before bed, maybe with some candles and then switch off all iPads/phones and just settle down for a read even if it’s a magazine. I then drift straight off to sleep!” – Maria Anderson

Unwinding before bed is one of the best things you can do to ensure a good night’s sleep, especially if it involves switches off your electrical devices. We liked this answer a lot, so we were really pleased when Maria was randomly selected as the winner of our bedside table giveaway! Big congratulations, Maria.

If you entered our competition but weren’t the lucky winner this time around, we’re sorry! But we’ve got lots of great giveaways planned so don’t forget to keep checking our Facebook. Why not have a browse of our bedside tables, whilst you’re at it?

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This one’s definitely true – a good mattress can make a world of difference to your sleep, and you’ll struggle to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress no matter how many calming candles you light! If you’re in this situation, you’re in luck. Did you know we also sell mattresses as well as furniture? We’ve got a great range available here, from memory foam to pillow top, so you’re sure to find the perfect mattress for you.

“A nice relaxing hot bath filled with luscious bubbles, the aroma of scented candles filling the air, feeling refreshed & rejuvenated and all the stresses of the day just melting away! Ahhhhh pure bliss…” – Julie Nesbitt

We love this bit of advice from Julie, but we especially love the photo she sent in with her entry… Doesn’t look like the most relaxing bath we’ve ever seen, Julie! 🙂


“Get your children to sleep first – always helps!” – Jeanette L Leighton

Another great bit of wisdom – especially if your children are very young. A calming nursery is one of the best ways to encourage your little ones to doze – and if you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got 150 nursery inspiration ideas over here.

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This brilliant bit of advice won’t surprise anyone who loves the sound of rain. Is there anything more calming that curling up to the gentle pitter-patter of rainfall, or waking up to it on lazy weekend mornings? We’re definitely going to be investing in a natural sounds tape after this bit of advice!

“Plenty of daylight throughout the day, get out and walk in it if you can, or if you can’t, at least sit near a window. Eat healthy, balanced meals, stay hydrated and at bedtime, take a few minutes to stretch or do some restorative yoga, followed by a meditation.” – Alex Byford-Scott

We love Alex’s reminder that, often, the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep starts in the daytime. It makes sense that healthy activities during the day lead to healthy sleep patterns, so what better reminder to get out and about as much as we can?

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We’ve never heard this advice before, but what a great idea! Stock up on lavender oil and let the warmth of the bulbs release its calming scent before bed. Nice one, Joanne!

“Encourage your kitten to sleep in their own bed so they don’t keep you awake nibbling your toes/hair/ears… even if that happens to be the waste paper basket!” – Andrew Shepherd

We can’t pretend – we wanted to include this bit of advice for the lovely picture Andrew sent in! Now how could you ignore that adorable face?



But remember, the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to create a calming and relaxing bedroom environment. If you feel good about the space you’re sleeping in it can make a world of difference to your sleep.

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