How To Decorate A Teenager’s Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom for a teenager can be a bit of a minefield! After all, no two teenagers are alike, but they have a very specific set of needs as they straddle the tricky border between childhood and adulthood. As a parent or guardian, you want a room that will give your growing little ‘un space to be themselves and explore their identity, whilst also providing a safe and secure section of your home.

To tackle this issue, we spoke to the lovely Emma Fishman – who you might remember from her Stylist Spotlight! As a Mum of 3 children herself (two teenagers), Emma’s the authority on creating a teenage bedroom that works for teenager and parent alike. Read on to find out what she has to say…


What are the challenges of designing a teen room?

In my own experience, this isn’t just your average bedroom revamp. Remember teenagers are another species altogether, and no two are alike.  Being a mum of three children, now age, 8, 14 & 18, I can safely say I’m well versed on decorating for teenagers.  They want their own sanctuary, a dedicated hideaway and a whole set of made-up rules to go with it. Updating a teenager’s bedroom is a one-off opportunity to create something quite special, especially designed with your child’s personality in mind.

lottie's teenage bedroom

Where do you start?!

I would definitely encourage their input and ideas, which will guarantee for a more successful outcome. Let them help with a bit of DIY, to give them a sense of pride and ownership. Gather as much information about their own style and colour choices to really capture their character in the room. I would advise running through lots of different schemes with your child, whether it’s travel-inspired, cool geometrics (like my own daughter Lottie’s), a monotone urban look or vintage florals.  Get a feel for their tastes and really run with it.  After all, it’s their own little retreat so be as bold as you both dare. Look at Pinterest and Instagram for fun, exciting decorating tricks and handmade decorations to make the room feel as unique as possible.

How do you help them make it their own?

personalised teenage bedroom

It’s important to personalise the room. I especially love the idea of a photo wall showcasing all their favourite moments. Create a display area or notice board that they can add to, as and when they have special mementos and photos to show off.

emma fishman teenage bedroom

What about storage to help them keep it tidy?

In amongst this fun decorating stage, don’t lose sight of the practical side too. Keeping the room tidy relies on plenty of clever storage solutions, from built-in shelving, large chests, to big wardrobes. In my opinion, this is the key to an organised room.

st ives bedroom

The St Ives collection, featuring an on-trend grey painted finish, not only looks good but will help banish the clutter in no time at all. Teenagers accumulate so much stuff, whether it’s clothes, make-up, school-books, gadgets etc.  Be sure to have a place for everything.  Use space under the bed, in an alcove or behind a door to make use of every inch. Opt for a triple door wardrobe to cope with the bulging fashion collection.

What about a bed? Let’s face it – they spend rather a lot of time there!

oak furniture land alto bedroom

Teenagers are growing at an eye-watering rate so opt for a roomy & comfy bed. They’ll be spending a lot of time in it…mainly with you desperately trying to wake them up.  If you have the space I would recommend a sturdy double bed, something well built, such as the Alto bed,  with a classic, timeless design that will last through the years. Keep a bedside table close by for some late night reading too, choosing one with drawers for extra storage.

oak furniture land fresco bedside table

And there’s studying… important to encourage this!

A desk, like the Bevel desk in natural solid oak, is a must-have. Whether used for study or a dressing table it’s a great addition and will always come in handy. So keep the scheme fun and super cool whilst keeping a keen eye out for neat storage solutions to please everyone. Good luck.

bevel oak furniture land dressing table

Massive thanks to Emma for sitting down with us on this interview! If you’ve recently decorated a teenager’s bedroom and have any thoughts of your own, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and don’t forget to tag your pics with #oakfurnitureland!