How To: Buy A Bed

Roughly speaking, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Sleep is one of the most important things we need for our health and there’s little doubt the profound effect it has when we don’t get enough of it. We can’t concentrate, we fall ill more often, we can get overwhelmed more easily or emotionally stressed without sufficient sleep, not to mention waking up with aches and pains. So when it comes to choosing a bed, it’s vitally important we consider all the factors necessary to make what is normally an investment purchase a good one.


As with many things, you should always buy the best you can afford, especially considering your bed should last the best part of a decade. But aside from your budget, what factors should you be contemplating before deciding to buy? My post today will walk you through a few of the things you might want to consider first.

How to Choose A Mattress

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Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a mattress. Whether you like something a little more firm or prefer a softer mattress will depend on the person and their own sleeping habits. Ultimately, you want something that is soft enough to sink into but firm enough to support your whole body. What position do you find is most conducive to sleep? If it’s on your stomach, you may want to choose something a little softer. If it’s on your back, more firm support may be needed. Side sleeper? Perhaps somewhere in between. Be conscious of the pressure points of your most comfortable position and choose accordingly. The more contact and support the mattress has on your full body, the less stress you’ll have on those pressure points.

One of the most important things you can do is actually test your mattress before you buy it. In a showroom, don’t just press down on it with your hand. Lay down on the bed fully for at least a good 10-15 minutes and see how you feel. Sure, it may feel awkward but 10 minutes of feeling a bit silly is a small price to pay for what could potentially be 10 good (or bad!) years of sleep. Most stores understand this and are happy for you to get comfortable on the show mattresses to give them a test run.

Do you share a bed with someone else? Be sure there’s enough room for you both. Much like the quality, you should buy the biggest bed you can. The more room you and your partner have to sleep, the more comfortable you will both be trying to get a good night’s rest and the less disturbed your sleep will be when the other is moving. Did you know most double beds give less room per person than a single mattress gives one person? If you’re sharing, the minimum size you should be buying is a King size. However, if you have the space, go for a Super King. It will give far more room overall for each of you.

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How to Choose a Bed Frame

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Even if you spend a lot of time choosing the perfect mattress for you, if you choose a cheap or unsuitable bed to go with it, you may be negating all of your efforts. A high-quality mattress will diminish on an unsupportive base, making it uncomfortable.

All our slatted beds are made with high-quality, strong oak slats which will support your mattress, making for a much better night’s sleep. Divan and upholstered bases can also be the perfect support for spring mattresses as both components will compliment one another.

In any bedroom, the bed is normally the first thing you see as it takes up the most space in a room so your eye will naturally fall on this item first. A beautiful bed will create a focal point for your space no matter what your style so choose wisely.

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Finally, once you’ve chosen your mattress and bedframe, don’t scrimp on the bedding. Choose as high-quality bed linen as you can afford for the most comfortable, most resting sleep.


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