How NOT To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You’ve read all the tips and tricks on how to sleep better, but somehow you’re still not feeling rested. Instead of just looking at what you should be doing right, sometimes it’s helpful to look at what you’re doing wrong.

Here’s are some of the worst sleep robbers you should eliminate from your bedtime routine.

Don’t use your bedroom as an extension of  your living room or study

There are only two things you should use your bedroom for; rest and romance.

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Our brains are funny things, they thrive on habit. When you introduce non-sleep related activities into the bedroom, the link between your bedroom and sleep is interrupted. We shouldn’t need to tell you that watching TV or using a tablet or phone before bed is a no-go as far as sleep is concerned. Keeping a TV in the bedroom or treating it as a second living room is just as bad for your brain. Studying also tricks our brain into thinking of the bedroom as a workspace. By treating it as a dedicating restful zone, when you enter your bedroom in the evening, your brain is already kickstarting the sleep routine.

Irregular habits

Speaking of habits, by not having a regular bedtime you’re already making a good night’s rest that much more difficult to achieve. If you go to bed at one time during the week, and a different time at weekends you aren’t helping to get rid of your sleep deficit. We know that life isn’t always predictable, but good habits help to spell good sleep, so it’s definitely worth trying a regular bedtime for a few weeks to see if it works for you. Just like you set an alarm to help you wake up in the morning, why not try setting one to remind you to go to bed at a consistent time, too?

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Overcaffeinated nation

While a steamy cup of coffee might seem like the ideal way to power through your mid-afternoon slump at work, you could be harming your sleep in the process. Did you know that it takes up to 12 hours for caffeine to completely process through your system? To make sure adults are getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep tonight, it’s best to steer clear of coffees, fizzy drinks, and even some teas after 2pm.

Still feel like you want a kick to re-energize yourself in the afternoons? Try doing 20 star jumps (we don’t mind if you step away from your desk to do so), or try a hot water and lemon to feel a bit zestier. One of the main reasons for that sleepy feeling in the afternoon is a bad rest the night before, so don’t let the vicious cycle continue!

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So what?

The benefits of good sleep health are pretty hard to ignore. Getting the recommended rest helps to boost your immune system and prevents unnecessary weight gain. Your brain also cleans out the toxins and chemicals that build up during the day while you sleep, so your 40 winks is also helping your memory and preventing cognitive decline as you get older. Sleep also helps you be a better version of yourself. Studies show that while you might not notice the difference, after a good rest you get more done, your mood is better and you’re more active, so others certainly do.

A better sleep is always a good idea. Good night!


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