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Birch Wood

Birch Wood

Birch wood is a hardwood that comes from the birch tree, it is extremely strong and durable and so is a popular choice for solid hardwood furniture. Birch wood is yellow in appearance, similar to that of pine, but is commonly stained an amber colour which is known as medium oak finish. When looking for solid hardwood furniture, it is worth looking for medium oak furniture as well as birch furniture.

It is important to ensure that the best quality birch wood is used when buying your birch furniture, however this is rare and can be very expensive. Ensure that the birch wood is of good quality and has been carefully selected. It is also advisable to ensure that your birch furniture has been hand crafted. It should be by a skilled craftsman to get the most out of the birch wood.

Why Birch Furniture?

Good quality Birch wood is traditionally very strong, however this is hard to come by and expensive. Birch used in modern day furniture is generally classed as a medium density wood. This makes solid birch wood for throw away furniture, as it’s not as durable as oak, mango or mahogany. You can also find birch furniture that has been additionally protected by a lacquer finish, although this can look less natural. Birch furniture that has been constructed using expert techniques adds strength and longevity to your furniture. Only the best techniques, such as dovetail jointing should be insisted upon to ensure that they are made to the highest quality. This is particularly important when buying online as you do not get the same opportunity to physically check the product before purchasing, and so knowing this gives you confidence in the furniture retailer.

What Sort of Birch Furniture Is There?

Birch wood is used to make many different types of furniture from wardrobes to coffee tables and dining tables. Contemporary and modern minimalist pieces such as cubist inspired side tables and authentic, simply designed console tables look particularly good in a medium oak finished birch wood. However if you are looking for good quality furniture, that is aesthetically pleasing solid oak furniture is a great option. This look is particularly effective on bedroom items such as bedside cabinets and also centrepieces like solid oak beds and medium oak wardrobes.

When choosing solid oak furniture there are essential elements to bear in mind. Make sure that the manufacturing process is traditional incorporating fundamentals such as; dovetail joints, traditional craftsmanship and most importantly that there aren’t any cheap alternatives used to produce the furniture such as chipboard or plywood. One other important factor to take into account when ordering solid hardwood furniture is delivery. Due to weight this can often be very expensive so look out for retailers that offer delivery for free.

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